I have worn glasses since i was in 3rd grade, but i don't have any pictures. They make me look like a nerd and what not so i dont show them off.

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A guy in glasses is handsome. You could also wear contacts. Just putting in my two cents!

I do wear contacts every day but as well as glasses every day

For who? It is part of my identity to be strong and fierce..

I rather look tough or mean then i would smarter, but i understand what you are saying. <br />
<br />
too bad i am not a women mejoe..

I've had to wear glasses since 5th grade. But they didn't bother me. I think they make me look smarter lol. and that's what everyone says haha

They all make me look softer. Like i am not as mean.

omg how are you going to live?

Yep, it's cool, maybe starch too, so no potatoes or pasta

Well there goes the bread products..

Nah, just cut out wheat and yeast, I'll be fine

get an allergy test?

I think Im allergic to something, this happened the other night, man, Im back to cutting everything out :(

O i c that kind of sucks then... what do you think is the problem?

No, not going out, I feel really sick :(

Why not? drink something bad?

I didn;t hurt myself, however, I dont feel so good

you better missy!

will do

okay ninjacakes take care of yourself!

Haha ok<br />
<br />
Im off out to the shops, be good

hmm i dunno but i think it will work anyway!

haha how will that stop me from hurting myself?

maybe next time you do you should wear your glasses!


Guess you better not crack your knuckles.

my finger hurts! in fact, not able to use it to type at all, I cracked my knuckles and it popped

I just think i look a little soft in them is all. <br />
<br />
oooo language young lady!

How comes? I need mine for driving<br />
<br />
<br />
I think I broke my finger, **** that hurts

I just use mine to see too. I have never been told i looked seductive in them before though. I haven't let people see them on me in a long time.

I dunno, I just use them to see, others see them as a tool of seduction

I see.. well that is a good thing then isnt it?

Apparently I look like a sexy secretary when I wear them, add that with my kick *** high heels and pencil skirts for work, can see that...

what do you mean more fetish?

sweet<br />
<br />
Mine make me look more fetish

yup they make me look less like a hardass..

I never knew that!