Not All The Time

I dont wear them all the time only when i need to see things far away and stuff i mostly only use them at school ,personally i dont like them they are a hassle and they are always getting bent lol

Ameliosgirl Ameliosgirl
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6 Responses Apr 8, 2010

Ya,i thought about it but then i would have to worry about taking them in and out and i have a really bussy scedual i mean when i get home from school i have to take care of the babies so idk about contacts

I got used to wearing them all the time, and still do most of the time, but i find myself taking them off more. Then again, I have a pair of prescription sports goggles I sometimes wear when i'm off roading. Ever think about contacts?

Ha,i got mine in second grade too and they were always falling off ay school and stuff so i started wearing them part time

I think all kids are fascinated with eyeglasses. I've been wearing them since the second grade, so my fascination ended long ago.

Ha,thanx i should get some of those because my kids are almost 5 months old and they like to play with things and they just started to somehow end up playing with my glasses

The last time I had to replace my glasses, I upgraded to titanium glasses. They were more expensive (around $400) but they are extremely light weight and are flexible. Quite literally, you can bend the fr<x>ame in half, or twist them, and they spring back into shape. Pretty much the only thing that's not flexible on it is at the temple but I've never bent them so much that they haven't been able to be straightened - and I've not only falled asleep with them on, but got hit in the face with a basketball (maybe my prescription needs to be stronger, to prevent that from happening again). My only regret is that they didn't have these when I was younger or I would have bought them every time.