21 Years Of Suffering With Gnathastoma Worms - Part 1

I am not totally sure how I got them, but chances are they came from our beloved dog, Buffy.  The vet told me she had cancer back in January 1991.  Now, looking back and telling my doctor who diagnosed me, he believes what she had the Gnathastoma parasite.  In 1991, I was a software engineer, I was busy building a career and making a better life for my family.  As my dog regressed, I found all her muscles were disappearing and instead there were big hard lumps in their place.  She soon lost all muscle control and lost about half her weight.  I would carry her in and out the house, because she kept falling on her nose, the last time it split and was bleeding.  I was constantly washing her, because she kept soiling herself.  As I cared for her I would break down crying and she would lick my face and mouth.  I would stop her, but many times I was to weak from crying I couldn't stop her or stop crying over the sad state of my dear friend.

The end of August and beginning of September of that year, I started getting my very first symptoms that continue to this day.  Very strange symptoms they are, I would feel a constant nagging pain on the outer side of my right knee and soon after wards my right hip.  Of course I went to a number of doctors and nothing was found.  I lost lots of sleep from all the pain and discomfort.  I had many digestive problems while loosing weight, with my liver feeling swollen, because my clothes were not fitting right.  It continued for about a year and a half then added to it I would feel a strange vibrating and tingling in my right leg muscles when ever I was around the mainframe computer. I started limping in pain while walking.  My hands and feet became swollen and painful, too.  I soon found that I had increased of pain, swelling and movement problems when being around not just the computer but also anything using large amounts of electricity.  The doctors had not a clue, They gave me lots of blood tests, a MS test and MRI test, nothing showed.  Only my cholesterol was very low, almost dangerously low and low in B12.  While my doctors would always remark how perfect my blood work was.

By 1994 the tingling was in my hands, feet, face and right leg, my body was weak and my walking much slower at times, with constant pain everywhere.  I felt so weak that if someone would blow on me, I would fall over.  I felt very worn.  I had trouble eating the foods I loved, thinking my symptoms were just unusual allergies.

To be continued ...
GodShallCutOffTheWorm GodShallCutOffTheWorm
May 19, 2012