During The Summer School Break We Partied!

There aren't many EMO/GOTH Jewish girls in Perpignan, so I am quite used to being unique. Indeed, there isn't a large EMO/GOTH community in Perpignan, but there are plenty of crazies!

In late August when we were all thinking about how close the new school term was we all agreed to party! Partying in Perpignan is almost a summer normalcy since the days are glorious in the sun, hours of sundrenched fun to be had by all.

We all went over to Joan-Luis' house in southern Perpignan, close to the N114 road to Collioure, as his parents had returned to work and left him alone to see out the last few days before everything began again. He had texted everyone, and there was a crowd there, the swimming pool was already thick with the crazies when we arrived.

Guilhem and I went as a couple. There were lots of us who were in relationships (of sorts) and lots of singles all looking for some fun. I guess guys outnumbered girls.

Guilhem isn't so EMO in the summer months, preferring instead to wear his Bermudas with a bright skulls tee, or his shorts on their own. He wore his shorts with a sky blue tee which had black skulls printed on it. I chose to wear a dark blue silky-finished cotton spaghetti-shoulder-straps minidress with string-look stockings, but I didn't wear my lingerie.

The first Guilhem knew of it was when he cuddled me and his hand went under my shorts skirts to find my bottom bared. He smiled, and looked around the gathered to see if anyone had noticed. There were smiles, maybe of knowledge or of recognition. He couldn't determine.
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Parfait! Je l'aime bien.

Well cheers, here's hoping they got a good view! :-o

Hi there, you sound like loads of fun, please consider adding me as a friend

Good girl!

And...... then what happened? Did you leave off your panties with him in mind?