Dress Commando

I was a hot day a few summers ago - remember wen summer had some warm, dry days?

I had gone into town, it was a warm day so I wore a light blue dress and shoes - I had thought about putting knickers on, but it was too nice a day - so there was nothing at all under my dress and I was enjoying the fantastic feeling of freedom that you get from wearing a skirt or dress and no underwear, as the odd little breeze gently blew over my bare parts.

Then I walked around the corner of a tall building - WHOOSH! a gust of wind blew my dress right up a the back! I quickly grabbed the hem and hauled it down, hanging on to the front as well, I looked around - there was no one close to me and I thought that I had got away without anyone being near enough to me to work out that I was knickerless - until the chorus started from the men on the building site! "Lovely a**e darlin", "show us some more" I just walked on as fast as I could without running.

I had been commando and been seen to be!

Did it stop me going commando? Of course not! But it did stop me wearing lightweight dresses!

freedomandnovpl freedomandnovpl
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Lucky guys on that site !! It would've been a beautiful view !


Please do not stop wearing them... they provide the most fun for you and me... lol...


Oh I wouldn't let that stop you from wearing lightweight dresses. I'm sure they feel great, and it's not your fault if the wind picks up. When the say "show us some more", just turn around at a safe distance and pull up your dress briefly to show them the front of you bare, then take off quickly. It'll give them a thrill and show them you are in control and not embarrassed.