Floppin' In The Breeze

I'm always commando. Before I got into riding gear, I would sometimes take a little ride in shorts. The wind coming up the legs in the hot summer feels phenomenal. Anyone looking at the right time and angle could see everything up there. The flapping of the leg would tickle my member and it would get worked up... a couple times it got loose and came out flopping in the breeze. I've ridden for several miles down backroads with it poking up and bouncing along in plain sight. Some people in cars would notice and I'd get a few big smiles, some waves, and a couple of toots. People who noticed seemed to think it's cool. If it ever bothered anyone, I never knew about it.
im12lkit im12lkit
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I know the feeling well...love it!