Gardening In Shorts

I have a little bit of garden down the side of my house which runs beside a lane often used by ramblers. There isn't much space, so a few years ago I put gravel over the side garden, as I call it and just have a few rose trees and pots of geraniums and the like.

In summer I like to garden and sunbathe naked in the back, but obviously I can't do this in the side garden, so I usually slip a t-shirt or strappy top on and a pair of old, tight, light green shorts when I go watering or weeding.

One summer afternoon, I was weeding in the side garden, dressed as described, bending up and down from the waist as I went along. I could hear a party of walkers approaching as I spotted a weed poking through the gravel, so I quickly bent down to pull it...

RRRIIIPPP!!! the sound tore through the air - my old shorts had decided to go out in a big way - they split from waistband right down! As I wasn't wearing anything under them (as usual) a lot of my bottom was bared and poking through! This brought a selection of interesting comments from the walkers, as I put my hand over my mostly bare bottom and beat a hasty retreat to the door!
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013


Used should have stayed and chatted them up a little bit

Wow. Nice. Sexy story

AWWW You disappointed so many. You had a great chance to wink at them.