Feels So Sexy

I like to go pantyless sometimes. I always wear a long skirt or dress. I'm not brave enough to wear a short skirt, LOL. Standing talking to people I know, especially men, and being completely bare under my skirt feels so sexy!

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9 Responses Mar 6, 2009

The ladies have an advantage there. I cannot think of an equivalent male experience.

go with a micro mini skirt or really short dress x if u have a great body you should not be afraid of others seeing it x

Well, you know this is one of my favourite things to do! Every woman should try it for at least 48hours and I'm sure they'd get hooked.

I go without panties occasionally, depending on the weather. I love the feeling of being pantyless, and it excites my husband when we are out together and i am panyless.

So are you wearing any pantys today ?

My wife and I have been working on the commando and skirt deal. I think she hesitates because she's pretty sure she won't be able to get my head out of her lap!

i've worn a skirt with no panties it's quite comfy, breezy to.

I find this especially sexy myself, comfort for the woman aside. I think it all stems from a little experience I had in college. I was heading to the common area on a breezy day. A girl in front of me opened the door and the resulting breeze blew her skirt straight up and she was doing the "Arnold Schwarzenegger", i.e., commando, thing! I looked away to preserve her modesty, but the flash sticks with me to this day, 20-some odd years later. After it was over I noticed she wasn't even a particularly attractive girl, but she was still sexy! ;)

Cool and breezy is the way to be! A skirt without panties feels wonderful!