I Forgot

It started innocently enough. It was one of those fall days where the weather suddenly gets warm again after having started to cool off. I was a freshman in college at the time and, frequently had to get up early for volleyball practice. As was my norm, I put together my clothes for the next day when I went to bed the night before so that I could just roll out of bed, throw on my shorts and sports bra, and head off to practice.

That night, however, I barely slept. Our dorm was not air conditioned and despite having the windows open and sleeping naked (I had a nudist roommate, so we were frequently naked in the room, especially while sleeping), it was extremely uncomfortable that night. That morning I decided that it was going to be too hot for the jeans I had set aside and instead grabbed a sundress hanging in my closet as I left the room.

As I did most days, I headed to the gym's showers as soon as practice ended. I had an early class that morning and we had an exam in it that day, so I had little time to do more than grab a bagel for breakfast between practice and class. If I didn't want to stink all day, that was the only option. When I got back to my locker, it hit me: wrapped in the t-shirt and jeans that I pulled out of my bag that morning was my bra and panties!

When it comes to volleyball, I play hard and usually work up a sweat--and the warm temperatures that day probably didn't help things, either. I had only worn a sports bra and a pair of spandex volleyball shorts--with no panties--to practice, both of which were soaked in sweat. The dress I grabbed was a loose, short, flowing thing with spaghetti straps and a low-cut back and bustline. While I could have gotten away with wearing my shorts under it, there was no way I was putting those wet things back on my clean body, and wearing the sports bra would have looked ridiculous!

So I hung my towel on the hook in my locker and stepped my naked body into the thin aqua-colored garment. It felt weird. I was no stranger to no wearing underwear--I had been going pantiless when wearing spandex shorts for some time already and, despite being a "D" cup (which is too big to be braless according to my mother), I frequently left my bra behind when wearing fitted tank tops during the summer. But this was different. Here I had no second or third tank top to layer and no form fitting shorts to cover me. Sure, the dress was long enough that nothing showed, but that did little to put my mind at ease as I watched the big fan that was cooling the locker room blow the skirt of my dress around. And the plunging cut of my dress was much different than the straight cut of a tank, making me feel as if I would fall out as soon as I started to bend over. Nonetheless, I had a test to take, so I summoned the courage to leave the locker room and headed to class.

I spent the morning feeling as if everyone was staring at me. Every time I caught myself with my thighs parted even an inch, I worried about who I might have flashed. My professor? My classmates? The cute guy working at the coffee shop where I got breakfast? Do they now think I'm weird? Or a ****?

As soon as I got out of class, I went to the women's room to check myself out. Looking in the mirror, I noticed that the dress looked fine. Sure, my boobs didn't pop out of the dress quite as they would have if I was wearing a bra, but they looked pretty nice just the same (if I say so myself)--and my nipples, while protruding through the fabric a bit, were fully covered. I left the bathroom with a new found confidence and started off to my next class.

It had gotten breezy, however, as I crossed the quad and my locker room fear began to cross my mind again as a gust of wind blew up my dress. I caught it quickly, before it got too high off the ground, but it got my mind wandering a bit. My next class--Calculus--was as boring as always, and I kept catching my mind drifting. What's so bad about not having underwear on, anyway? I mean it was certainly comfortable sitting there without it. Would anyone really care if they saw I wasn't wearing any? I mean, most of my volleyball team didn't wear panties for practices and games and no one seemed to think that was strange (granted it was probably only the team ourselves that knew).

As my mind wandered, I felt myself getting turned on a bit, so after class I headed to the rest room again, this time to take care of business. I had a full day of classes that day, with no time to return to the dorm between any of them, so it wasn't until dinner time that I would have been able to change if I had wanted to. By that time, though, I was completely at ease with how I was dressed, so when I returned to the dorm that evening, it was only to get my roommate for dinner.

That night, as I watched the 11:00 news to see that it would be warm again the next morning, I grabbed another sundress and shoved it into my bookbag, giving no thought to bringing anything else to change into the next morning.
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that is a great way to start going commando! you are so sexy. thanks for sharing

been there, done that, bought the t-shirt lol
Great story

Very good story

Love the combination of brains and hotness, always have... hehe<br />
<br />
It is explosive when an atractive girl wears thin fabrics or sheer dresses even when wearing underwear... immagine what it does to us poor man when we see this amazing sundress... wow... explosive bodies all over campus lol...<br />
<br />
So fun it should be illegal... but it is not...<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

Wow wht a hot story and certainly a gr8 way to start with NO STRINGS ATTACHED

So well written! I felt your apprehension as you started to dress after practice. Great job. How long was it before you felt comfortable telling others about it? Since your roomie was a nudist, she probably wouldn't have been shocked. How often do you go without now?

I have a huge grin on my face! I'm remembering the first time I went to a tutorial without any underwear on. I rarely wear a bra even now because I'm quite small, but in my first year I used to wear knickers for tutorials which were one-to-one at my college and I was convinced my tutor was omnipotent. I never wore knickers around my dorm room though and on this occason I was late and in a rush.<br />
<br />
I grabbed my bag and dashed out, across the college quad and arrived just in time. I used to think my tutor very fierce then, so I could think of nothing but the work in hand for forty minutes. After the tutorial, I was dying for a wee, so I nipped into the toilets and was stunned when I lifted my dress to find I was bare under it!<br />
<br />
At first I was horrified, especially when I realised that my dress was really quite short. Then I felt thrilled and couldn't stop smiling. And then my wicked side kicked in and I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Oxford enjoying the buzz of knowing I wasn't wearing any underwear of any sort.<br />
<br />
Lots of my tutorials were pantiless after that!

wow great store, thanks

Wonderful. Sometimes forgetting somethings, helps us in learning what we are capable of.<br />
<br />
Great story. Are you continuing that way?

Great story. I'm glad you got the confidence to do it again.

Wonderful! Lucky college classmates and professors of yours. I remember in a college swimming class that I would wear regular shorts instead of swimming trunks, since I was too broke in college to buy trunks. The shorts were not super long (as is the norm these days) and they clung to my skin when I would get out of the pool. I would often catch the female swimming instructor's assistant checking me out. By the same token, I would often discretely check out the ladies in their swimsuits in class. We had all gotten quite accustomed and comfortable seeing each other "barely clothed," that it felt really strange to see everyone in regular clothes on the last day of class when we had to take a written test. I'm almost certain that it could have gotten to the point during regular class where we could have all been nude together and it wouldn't have mattered.

I live in Arizona where it can be quite hot in the summer time. I walk to a coffee shop 2 or 3 times a week and often I will see 3 young women, the same ones, sitting outside with their drinks dressed much like you describe, see through loose fitting sun dresses and no underwear.<br />
<br />
It seems many people here wear as little as possable in the summer time, me included.