In The Army

It has been 20 years since I last rappelled. I was in the Army many years back and was stationed in Ft. Campbell, Ky. where the 101st Airborne are based. They don't so much jump out of planes anymore as slide down ropes from helicopters or "speed rope" out of the back of a Chinook.

We had to come down a 40' wall several times. We'd do this in 3 "hops" where we would brake and release until we hit the ground. We always had a belay man for safety (unless you were first down). Once we'd mastered the wall we moved on Blackhawk and Huey helicopters.

It was a little scary at first but I learned to love it. I'd love to try it again as a civilian with proper gear. SE Michigan isn't exactly conducive to rappelling terrain, so a trip might be in order.
awar44 awar44
41-45, M
Jul 16, 2010