In Big Cardboard Boxes Hehe

It was a long, long time ago. Maybe ten years ago. Wow, now I feel old. There was a couple of big cardboard boxes at home, the type that little kids like to sit in or hide in. My elder brother had the bright idea of sliding down the stairs in one.

I had a very bad feeling about this and was scared so I didn't want to. But somehow, him being the elder brother, he managed to persuade me. I had to sit right inside because I was smaller, so I couldn't even see where we were going. It was horrible because we basically crashed down the stairs. There was this horrible *THUMP* noise for every step.

There's a bend in the middle of our stairs, so needless to say, we crashed straight into the wall there.

Luckily, we were protected by the er...cardboard box :P It lasted less than a second. A thrilling experience I'm sure you'll agree.

Oh, I just remembered that at around the same age, I developed a habit of 'sliding' down the stairs (ie. getting on my butt at the top of the stairs and 'pushing off'. It wasn't so much sliding as bashing into each step. I can't remember why I did it...

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No, I don't know how to ski or snowboard. I used to iceskate quite a bit, but I didn't know anyone else who did, and it's not as fun when there's no-one to iceskate with.<br />
<br />
:D Why go throught the bother of building stairs when you can just stick a pole there? I've actually heard about a slide replacing stairs in a business office. Soo much better.

LMAO.. made me go "Oh, Jeezus!"

EWWW hahaha that made me burst out laughing. I would have never thought firehouse poles could come in handy like that. <br />
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And no, I dont know how to snowboard. D: I've never gone skiing either. Just sledding as a child, on the hills by my house. What about you?

Stairboarding is so the way to go :D Do you know how to snowboard?<br />
I think we should all learn how to slide down those poles. What if there was an emergency............such as you needing the toilet real bad? Vital seconds!

HAHAHA! I wonder if a snowboard would work better than a sled. <br />
It would be so awesome if my house had one of those poles that you find in firehouses. That would be my chosen form of transportation within my house. Taking the stairs is so old. :p

:D Just writing this story cheered me up.<br />
You daredevil you XD What a great way to travel between floors that must be. Each time someone calls you: "Coming!" and then you just jump on your sled.

You describe it so well!<br />
Haha I've done that too (still do), except I use my sister's plastic sleds instead of cardboard boxes. It makes me feel like a daredevil xD.

I see you are easy to please.

Very entertaining, and familiar too! You've cheered me up with that story! :D