Streaking In A Field

It was a chilly morning in November of 1999. I was in this field, and I had been streaking most of the night. I had been there at night on many occasions. This field was next to the main highway, so once it started getting daylight, I'd always make sure I got out of there.
But this particular morning It was beginning to get light. But I was having such a good time I didn't want to stop. So I decided to streak for a little while longer. After a while it was now getting even more lighter. I knew I needed to leave or someone passing by might see me.
But again, I couldn't make myself leave. More time passes. By now it was fully daylight. I kept on going for a while. Next thing I knew,
several deputy sheriff cars went by. I thought, I better get out of here! But my clothes were all the way to the back of the field and I was at the very front. So I walked to the back of the field climbed the fence to where I had my clothes. I had barely began getting dressed when a deputy car was slowly passing by the side road. I ran, as he yelled out "hey come back here". He yelled this a couple of times. But I kept on running. I managed to get away. A few days later it was all over the news, in the paper and on the radio. A news DJ offered a $100.00
reward for a picture of the naked man if any happened to take one. Anyway, by a year later, it was dismissed as a hoax to get publicity
because it was a small town where nothing ever happens. Even though the deputy insisted he knew what he saw.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

I understand the part where you said you knew you should have stopped but it felt so good you could not stop. I always like streaking about the start of day light. I want to be seen just don't want to get in trouble

I think I would have drawn a picture of the streak in colored pencil or charcoal drawing, if you're that talented, and mailed it to the station. You could even have signed it, the barefoot streaker or some similar name and struck up a relationship, advising them there was going to be a group streak, when and where...and each night, change the location at the last minute, calling the radio station or sending them a tape-distorted voice. Could have been a lot of fun, for a small town where nothing much happens all the time...