All Or Nothing

Whenever I go streaking I make sure to take off everything, including my shoes. Can't really be naked otherwise. I streaked the football games so much in high school I was considered just another part of the halftime show. In college it was common so other than being "the barefoot girl" I never really stood out.

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I agree if you are streaking or even doing a nude walk, should be barefoot.

I've "always" had tender feet... I gotta have at least some sandals! I can't even get away with flip-flops, that little piece between the toes drives me nuts!

Sorry, but you'll get no sympathy from me. I absolutely *hate* sandals! Even sneakers are better.

Yeah, I know... I'm a wuss, but I have to wear slippers in the house! My feet are so sensative. But I try to be "otherwise" naked whenever possible, especially when I probably shouldn't... but we only live once, right?

Enjoyed your experience. I started as the photographer for the Streakers in college. We kept a photo log in the dorm. In the military I would streak with two other guys and two of the women in our unit. We travelled to many different bases and except for one, streaked them all. We did, however, wear shoes! Add me if you get a chance. Thanks

I try not to wear shoes on most of my streaks, however there are times when some form of foot wear is needed to protect your feet.

i agree 100% with your attitude, why streak with your shoes on?

LOL, I've always thought streaking was very amusing. When I was young--people would streak restaurants- super markets--all sorts of places. I alway got a good laugh- when they did.

Excellent! I'm glad that you never got expelled or arrested!<br />
<br />
Also, ditto to what my EP colleagues have said!

I streaked in HS. It was fun. I sort of hate to admit that being seen was part of the fun.

eeek! I think I would have needed a bigger group than 5 or 6 to get me to do it...

Over the time I was there, probably a hundred people streaked, though never more than five or six at a time.

Did many others strike as well?

I"ll bet that was the best part of the evening for the crowd!

Oh wow! Wish I'd gone to your school. We didn't have streaking.... maybe because we would have all frozen!