Swimming In Panties

I have swam in panties and also have a pretty bikini bottom I swim in at my pool. it feels so nice floating in the pool getting a tan line around my bikini bottoms they are thigh hi type bottoms
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Swimming in panties is a super outstanding emergency benefit, if you have no bikini bathing suit, panties can be used as a emergency bathing suit!

You are all so cute! Great story and comments.

While swimming in panties does feel good - and somewhat erotic - I love swimming nude best. The first time I was in the pool at my friend's condo I wasn't expecting to go swimming and only had my panties on. lol The ones I was wearing did NOT cover much and once they were wet they concealed even less. No one else was even in the pool at that time but the four of us, so I came out of the water to where my BF was sitting on the edge of the pool watching me. I kissed him and said, "My wet panties are sooooo heavy from this water. Won't you help me take them off?" He glanced around and saw the four of us were the only ones there and he grinned as he slipped his fingers under my panties and pulled them off me. I was already topless. Hadn't been wearing a bra that day - as in most days. We made love in that pool too. Mmmmm...GOOD memories. *.*

I love to sunbathe in my panties and bikinies if I am feeling real bold Ill put the top on to love the look with white boobs and a nice bra line across my back