I Went Swimming In Just White Bikini Panties

For some reason or another this particular trip I was feeling rather frisky. I had dwith me alot of lingerie. ! in particular was a sexy pair of white bikini panties with a little lace. I was staying at the Holiday Inn,DesMoines,Iowa. It was winter but they had an inside pool. I took along my regular bathing suit, but once there saw noone around so into the pool I dived in just those panties. I left my suit under my towel near the pool just in case of emergency. I was swimming around a few people came thru but never really paid that much attention to me. After a while a couple of middle aged women came in and were going to swim. Since I was in the pool I just encouraged them to get in too. The water was warm, and they would stop and we'd doggie paddle and talk. My bikini however, had turned sheer in the water and my body looked almost naked. 1 gal swam underwater and I know she noticed my panties. She came over and said the water is nice and clear. That told me her smile was one of approval for my little venture.
The women were talking and swimming together and I heard giggles, and asked if they were enjoying the pool? They said they were, and then one asked me if I realized my suit was almost sheer. I smiled and said I didn't think about it when I jumped in. They laughed and one told me about a similar suit she had that showed her nipples and pubic hair and she didn't realize it till she got out and walked back to her beach chair. We laughed and I continued to talk and the other asked if she could look closer at my suit. I said sure, like what was I going to do anyway. She slid under the water, and got pretty close to my ffront of my suit. I got a bit excited and my **** was starting to grow and bulge outward. When she came up she was close to me and said my your suit is sexy. I sort of blushed knowing that she was referring to my **** bulge. I was now between both girls and all of a sudden I felt hands around my waist and rubbing my crotch. I laughed and said you guys are crazy. They laughed too and then one pulled my panties to my knees and felt my *** and the other one started to stroke my ****. It was a good thing no one was in the area, I tried to keep my composure and the girl feeling my **** dropped below looked at my hard **** and put her mouth around it ans slucked it quickly. Her friend had me by the *** and fingered my hole. I acted amused but concerned if anyone came in because I'm now sort of naked. We talked and played till it got too hot and the girls wanted to do more and the pool wasn't the place. Anyway we met later in my room and had a 3 way sex ****. That is another story.
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My wife goes swimming in her panties all the time ..loves it when people are around looking at her

And, I'm sure when you went back to Des Moines you never even considered staying anywhere else! ;)