Overcast With Tears

It is overcast here today. The sky is a vibrant blue and the fluffy white clouds scurry across the sky looking for some fun. The skies are grey. No sun caresses my skin or touches my hair or warms my chill. I feel such a loss. The numbness is not as bad, but it remains in this stone angel. I tried to sing, but the words just make me cry. I tried to dance, but I forgot how to dance with abandon or with joy. You have ripped my heart to shreds. I gave it to you willingly. So that part is my fault. And it will heal. I can do that myself. But you did it so last minute.And my tears come upon me without warning. And I find it difficult to stop the tears.And when you abandoned me, your words were cold. No love in your eyes. Indifference. Perhaps it is part of your defense mechanism. I am unclear. So things are unsettled. And I miss the comfort you brought me. A glimpse of a life with joy and love and possibilities. But life is still full of possibilities. So I can be grateful for the taste of something wonderful. So the next time when I have a bigger bite, I will know I can have a whole plateful. With someone who can hopefully offer themselves wholely and honestly and with clear communication of feelings. Just sayin'....Life goes on still...
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I like this and i cn relate to the part where u said it's unclear so it's unsettled internally indeed is where tha unsettlement takes place after ur healing process u will learn to luv again n better and by sumone much better

Please tell me why u say dat ur unlovable?

I don't know what happen sister . . . but I can guess . . . damn you are one strong women . . . you go girl . . . time heals all . . . and hope springs eternal . . . you'll be just fine . . . 8D