Ha I Think I've Finally Landed

After spending my early teens asking the age old question of "how am i?" I went through so many phases like a goth/emo phase now  I hate them haha well not goths and stuff I mean just when people are lyk "LAWL I <3 Edward Cullen, and lyk I'm so deep and brooding becuz I listen to lyk three days grace and emo bands" euuugggghhhh lol

But I also went through a phase where everyone around me seemed to hate America (I ended up joining in) because one of my friends uncle's died in Iraq and they all seen the Iraq war as America's war. But then I wised up and remembered how America has helped us in Wars I mean we would probably be speaking German if not for America lol. But actually I've always loved the idea of going to America and actually think it will be really amazing to go to.

I also went through a proud "british" phase, because well technically I am British and because I grew up in a very secterian area (look up some northern Irish history because I cba going into it) so I was all "yeah prod and proud, hate catholic bla bla" but now I consider myself Irish and am actually legally changing my nationality to Irish soon. Because I see this as "northern IRELAND" not western Britian. Plus I've catholic/Irish ancestors and family, and i just feel Irish never have a felt really British. I was just going with the crowd.

Teenagers huh? :P 


But after all the phases I've finally landed lol. I now know how I am.

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Feb 22, 2009