Post Menopausal And What A Trip It Was...

I'm 66, retired and post menopausal.  Isn't life fun? 

I creak, my hands are all crinkley, and I have a huge turrkey neck.  YAY me!!  Well, I stilln do what I can to fight old age but its an uphill battle.  I run every day and do yoga and try to eat right but its really rough - the psychological and physical aspects.

I have atrophic vaginitis (among other things) so I take Estrace hormone cream but even that doesn't work that well anymore so I have to supplement it with Vit E oil on the in between nights.

So, that's my  basic story.  Thanks for reading.
irishdaughter111 irishdaughter111
1 Response Jan 12, 2011

Me too. I'm only 55.<br />
IT became painful, causing tears that would take a few days to heal, put me off.<br />
Trying for other ways, found stimulation doesn't cause arousal, the pelvic floor and external parts won't engorge, and that oxytocin flooding event just can't occur.<br />
I've accepted this fact, and so has my husband, who has similar age related issues of the male kind.<br />
It causes a kind of plaintive nostalgic sadness at times, for we still love each other.

I have a wife that is 8 years older than myself. Has gone thru the menopause. She has no sex drive at all. She won't let me even play with her bits to try to arouse her. The only thing she will do is luberication when she wants sex, which is about once every 5 to 6 months. She can not even get me off with a hand job. She refuses to do any oral sex on me. Also, when we do have sex with the lube, she is hurting for several days after wards. Do you have any suggestions?