No One Would Tell Me What To Expect!

Menopause was something I was curious about.  I asked everyone about it!  It was like this secret society that denied me entry.  The only thing I knew about it was that my great grandmother had a "change of life" baby.  Unfortunately, my family has been plagued with "female problems".  Quite a few have had hysterectomies.  I felt guilty for being relatively "normal" in that area of my health.  So, I asked my doctor.  She said don't worry about it!  We aren't going to have to go through it, we can take things so that we won't have any symptoms!!   Eventually Nature took her course and I was concerned about not experiencing any symptoms yet!  She laughed at me and reminded me that I was never in the "normal range" for anything.  Menopause has come, and gone, without a ripple!  The only tell-tale sign was the obvious lack of "Aunty Flo" visiting any more!  Weird or what?  I am truly blessed.
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I went through the change at 40. I did think I was young for this but was glad to be done with the bleeding. I now know why they call this 'The Curse'
During this dreadful part of my life, I had many thoughts I was hemorrhaging. I didn't have anyone I could talk to about it. And I just decided I could do nothing but wait it out.
To describe my hot flash, would be like having an electric heater starting at my feet and slowly moving up to the top of my head and then back down. It would last about 5 minutes. Fortunately I only had one a day. And these hot flashes followed the flooding.
The strangest part of this for me was the massive desire for sex. It was after it was all done, I realized I was feeling more desire than I had ever had in my life.
The sexual desire continues to this day. Unfortunately I am not currently living with my husband as he had a stroke last September. And am so tempted to go find someone I might be physical with.

thats is why i believe that married or unmarried couples should be able to have sex with consent and it should be regarded as cheating

I am confused. I think you mean that with consent, couples should be able to have sex without it being called cheating. Am I correct in assuming that? Personally I could not do that. My husband, through illness prior to his death was unable to perform. He went so far as to actually pick men out for me, but I could not do that!

well.. as you said rightly it depends on the person and no one can force some one to have sex

Lucky you.. as effects of menopause of my wife which supposed to hit her hit me in way that took my sexual enjoyment away

I know that happens in many case. Thank God I was unaffected, that would truly be a nightmare! One of my daughters had a hysterectomy and has absolutely no feelings in that area at all. It is so hard to feel like you are no longer a "normal" woman. I am indeed fortunate.