I experienced premature menopause at age 39
Honestly thought I was having some kind of nervous breakdown
The Gynaecologist,a young Egyptian man,started me off on HRT and after about three months began to feel a lot better
The night sweats went and skin and hair felt better.
I stayed on this for ten years and then weaned slowly off
Till now do experience some sudden sweats but Thank God much better
I understand that HRT is not for everyone and that some lucky ladies sail through Menopause
There are also lots of good natural remedies and herbs out there
Good luck to all and remember
"This too will pass"
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I'm really struggling with hot Sweats and my skin is awful!!
My Doc tested my hormones and they were ok, but I've been told that they fluctuate daily?? She seems to think I'm ill and had organised a battery of tests and got me reAlly worried???
I want to scream at her that I'm sure it's the Menopause!!! Why can't she accept that? Just cos I'm young at 42yrs???
I'm trying for a job and the last thing I want is sweating in my uniform, it's embarrasing!!! It puts me in a really bad mood!!
I've checked the other symptons and yes I go to the loo more esp at night, I don't know about difficulty with sex, partner and I happy in our relationship it's not all About sex anymore!! Mood swings yes!!!
Just really unhappy!!

I had a full hystirectomy at age 35 so started early and tried all kinds of HRT they all have premirin in them which I am allergic to and have 10 migrains also can't take anything natural. So end result I just have to cope the best I can and not doing too bad. Just have to check I don't over react to situations and keep things in perspective. Have a good friend who tells me to calm down and we discuss things and I trust her she has my well being at heart. Dealing with stress is not always easy but have learn't to be kind to myself.

I really applaud your very positive spirit especially since your Menopause started early.
Sorry that you are unable to take the hormones but yes the don.t work for everyone.
Yoga is something you may find helpful.The stretching and balance helps both bones and muscle tone.
Also the deep controlled breathing helps in having a handle on hot sweats as you breathe through them.
Good Luck
and God Bless
Your friend is a kind lady to help you through.