Menopause- For Me It Was No Sweat!

I never worried about "the change". If I had been stewing about it, I would have missed the whole thing. I have heard all the stories. I have seen the women with all the hot flashes and cramps, vaginal dryness with painful intercourse, irregular periods, you name it. I went through peri-menopause without a hitch. Somewhere in the next 2 years menopause came and went. I never had any of the textbook symptoms with 2 periods that were a little late and it was gone without even a wave good bye. Hurrah- approaching menopause does not have to be awful. And yes I have gone through it completely but I do NOT have vaginal dryness or decreased libido. My breasts are not long and flat like an empty tube of toothpaste either. Don't let menopause get you down.
Genie46576 Genie46576
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I'm so happy for you that your menopause went so easily unnoticed!!!

The women for whom it isn't quite so easy I say:
DO NOT PASS GO AND DO NOT COLLECT TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS (a reference to playing monolopy in the olden days *giggle*)
Race straight to you gyn and get bio-idential hormones!!! They are the BOMB. And they will help you pass thru menopause with the ease and grace as Genie.
I can testify!!!!
So if it is naturally easy for you like Genie, GREAT! If not, it CAN be. Just be proactive

Thank you very much for your post! I am 52 and scared of thinking about menopause, especially about loosing libido...

Well Full you know we are all different but my GYN told me that menopause usually [textbook] has its onset at 50 + or - 2 years. There are hormone tests and smears that can show if you are in menopause. I took the information he gave me, filed it in my head with all that other stuff and promptly stopped worrying about it. The gyn asked me if I wanted to be placed on HRT [hormone replacement therapy]. I opted not to and i have to say the whole thing just progressed at its own pace and at 63 I feel just great. And I have never known a dry moment vaginally nor have I known any decrease in my sex drive.... think positive Full and may your menopause turn out like mine- a walk in the park! my best to you.

Thanks again,Genie46576! I been to my GYN a month ago and he said I am not there yet, so I desided not to panic, but the thoughts are at the back of my mind for obvious reason... :)

i jus love ur thoughts: "My breasts are not long and flat like an empty tube of toothpaste either."

Ha ha Tocprashant, I love your spirit you rascal. thanks for the comment but you know exactly what kind I mean. If they looked like that I would be having that stuff removed along with some reconstruction.