My Period Ceased Nearly 2 Years Ago

The worst of the hot flashes, rage and fatigue and disorganization have passed. but some disorganization, confusion, belly fat gain and poor memory linger.

I feel like I've "been gone" for along time and have returned as an empty shell of my former self. It's difficult to learn new tasks and I fear I willnot find and h=old a new job. Sometimes I wonder if I have early onset Alzhiemer's as my memory, short and long-term has become extremely poor. I feel more depressed than ever.

There is one benefit though: I can finally buy the white linens and bath towel sets I've always wanted!


RubyTewes RubyTewes
31-35, F
5 Responses Dec 10, 2008

gosh im 55 stll have my periods

i too im going through it wot a nightmare having really bad panic attacks and feel really down lost all intrest in life hope it dosent last to long.

I too when through it "with out a net". The hot flashes were the worst part for me. It ended about a year ago and I gotta say, not getting my period anymore was sooo grand that I wanted to throw a party. I'm sorry about your mom,, lost mine right before also. Yes, the worst is over. My best to you. (gotta love the white linens again, and no pre-soaking too) :D

I tried HRT 3 times. Each time I became sick and impossible to deal with. It incraesed my libido, but that's the only good thing it did. So, I lived through it w/o a net. glad the worst is over. <br />
<br />
Another factor that caused such severe menopause was my Mom had died one year before the pause occured. Lousy timing. I was only 45. Didn't expect it to end until my 50s. I experienced symptoms of perimenopause in my late 30s. Again, I'm glad the worst is over.

im going thru it right now. its awful. they cant seem to get any medicines to help me. i am hateful at times.