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I'm 16, and so scared of menopause. Can any of you women tell me what it was like, and what you have been through? I know I wont get it in like years, but ya know..

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Baby girl each woman body is different. I have had it very bad the hot flashes, night sweats and my emotions sometimes I do not like myself, sometimes I have tears just running down. I do not want to say you will experience the same. If I was you I would not concern yourself with this now. You have many many years ahead of you. Cross this bridge when you get to it, and you may not experience it like I have. My sister is dealing with it fine. So hopefully you will be fine also.

Okay thanks=]

Maybe it would help to read a little into it. Or ask any adult women around you. I'm sure it isn't as bad as it seems. There are changes, but I know menopause definitely doesn't take away your womanhood.<br />
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It is just a starting of a new part of your life.<br />
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Either decreased estrogen will have a little more hair growing, leaving more room for testosterone... but medication can take care of that with medication.

Well because I heard somewhere that you stop being a women or something. That you grow hair on the chin or something. I don't know. I haven't looked much into it, it's just what people tell me.

What exactly are you afraid of?