So What?

I've spent a bunch of time overseas.  With our military, and as a civilian.  I also worked many odd hours, swing shifts, nights, and so forth.  In England, a bar is known as a pub.  You go out for a pub lunch, have a sandwich, fish and chips, and a pint.  Going by myself was never a concern, neither was at what time of the day I was having a pint.  

In Germany a pub is called a gasthaus.  (Guest House)  You go there for lunch or dinner, some serve breakfast.  I always had a beer with my meals.  They and I believe it helps the digestion.  Again, because of the hours I worked, it was not at all uncommon to get off work early in the morning and go for some food and a half liter of bier.  I really loved the food, and the bier.  

I'd also like to mention that in most European countries there is no age limit, no restrictions to how old you have to be, before you can have a drink with your meal.  It is normal for a child at dinner to have a small glass of wine with their meal.  This puts the right, responsibility, and the education of children back in the hands of the parents.  They have none of the problems we have with under age drinking, no one ever turns 21 goes out drinking for the first time and dies.  You've been exposed to alcohol most of your life, being able to buy your own is no big deal.  Another law we need to toss out. 

I drank my first beer in America after I'd joined the Army.  I was 17, under age, but the bartender said, I was old enough to serve, I was old enough to drink.  I hated it, the beer tasted horrible.  English and German beer are whole different worlds of taste and flavor.

What I don't understand is why is it such a big deal to go to a bar alone?
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There should be no stigma for a woman to go to a bar alone. And when she's there, there should be no reason to pester her either.

I don't know that it is such a big deal to go to a bar alone. I think a lot of people treat the bar as a place to unwind and socialize, and if you go on your own you must be a misfit, or trying to hook-up (I've been the first and done the other, too -- I reckon most of us have some stories -- but those are different subjects), or whatever. All I know is I've had this experience, which is why I'm a member here. Perhaps other people would like to address the stigma of going to the bar alone?