To See the Ladies...

I have been to ***** clubs in numerous countries and around the US.  The best I've been to were definitely in Niagara Falls Canada.  The women are incredible, and you are actually allowed to touch and they take it all off.  Great shows! 

also am really impressed by the pole dancers.  some of them are really very good at it.

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2 Responses May 16, 2007

As someone who both goes to ***** clubs and knows some of the Canadian dancers I have to agree that we have some of the best in the biz up here.<br />
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Contact levels throughout Canada vary. Some clubs allow contact between customer and dancer, others have zero contact in place. Some Canadian cities have a zero Lap Dance bylaw in place others do not.<br />
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With the 2010 Olympics on the way for Vancouver the politicians and do-gooders are trying to shut down, or make things miserable for the clubs out there. They do not want the world to see that there is "****" in Vancouver. The city has lost so many great clubs thanks to this, and even though there is far more crime at Skytrain stations, the powers that be say all the crime happens at the ***** bars, and that ***** clubs attract nothing but crime and organized crime. HUH???<br />
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Geeze I thought they attracted horny perves who wanted TnA????<br />
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The clubs that I have been to in British Columbia and Alberta have been great places to go and have amazing and beautiful dancers! I've never had a bad night in a ***** club here in Canada, and the entertainment has been well worth my tip money!!!!

raise your glasses to canada! i was in a small town across from detroit. definitely the best show i'd ever seen!