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Up until this past Feb, I'd never been to a ***** club. I'd always kinda wanted to go but ex was a prude. Hubby took me on our wedding night. (it was actually my idea).

the one club i've been to is an all nude place. we've been so much i know many of the girls real names and they remember us. most let me touch them but some make me sit on my hands. there is one girl - OMG she is Awesome. she's deaf (don't know the pc term, sorry) but she is by far the best lap dancer. I actually don't watch them on the stage very much unless there is nobody up there for them. then i'll go up and chat w/ them while they dance for me. it's really cool.

i'd like to try some other ones. we just spend so much money (on lap dances) - the ones with drink minimums and such would really break us.

cool group - thanks sas!!!

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yes - if i had the money odie, I would too!!!!! :)..... the one from Austin is really wanting us to come back and party w/ her! ;) she was hot so I hope some money lands our way soon!

glad you had fun. We are planning on going on the 30th to celebrate my daughter turning 18. and that is HER choice of what she wants to do.... :)

it's only exploitation if they aren't willing. obviously both parties are ready, willing and able parties. dancers generally make more money as independant contractors than a mid level management position pays. therefore they can easily afford healthcare, etc. if you don't like the idea of ***** clubs, i'm sure there is a group for your comments where you will be amongst those who find your comments astute. however, ward, this group is for those who have been to ***** clubs. you admit you have not. therefore you don't really know anything to be true and you are making blind assumptions - something mature adults advise against. if there is not a group against exploitation i'm sure you'll be a fine founder. lab, they are fun! yes! i recently took my s.o. (he'd never been) and it was a nice time.

lol. actually. they pay to work there. it's a set fee depending on the times they are there. <br />
the girls i talk to really talk to me generally - tell me life stories, real names - etc. usually they have husbands/boyfriends and kids at home. it's obviously good money. and they obviously like it. so... what's the problem?

thanks - I have SO MANY stories to share for this group LOL