I Loved Going to ***** Clubs.

But now I'm not single anymore and don't hang around with naughty boys.

I will however always remember my 18th thanks to the ***** club I went to.  I went out with a group of friends (mostly male), so we ended up going to a ***** club. I was pretty drunk by this point so I didn't notice the boys talking to one of the waitresses and giving her $100. Anyway the next show came on and next thing I know I am up on stage in front of everyone getting a lap dance. The dancer went and got a microphone and asked the other people in the club if they would like to see me ***** and there was a big enough cheer so I got enough confidence to take off the top half of my clothing and bra. Thankfully I realised this might not be a good idea and stopped (seeings as I had only just started dating my partner earlier that week and he wasn't with us).
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good times ... good times ...

You sound like my kind of lady - LOL