Gonorrhea Can Be A Death Sentence

Gonorrhea can not always be cured with antibiotics as they want you to believe. If antibiotics are used several times to treat the disease it can be suppressed to where it goes deeply into the body to where std testing can no longer detect it but you still have it. So now you think you no longer have it  you continue your old ways and keep giving it to others without knowing that you have it. Once you know you have gonorrhea find a good homeopathic doctor that has dealt with the disease and let him or her treat you. Gonorrhea can cause death when your test come back negative so please don't continue to make old mistakes and have sex with several other people. It will kill you!!! I know because I am there as I write this to whoever is wise enough to listen. I have suppressed gonorrhea and am dying. It is not something I would wish on my worse enemy. Thank God I don't have any enemies. Now I put my life into Gods hands. 
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Hopefully when people start having STDs they realize that they can't just keep up with the lifestyle that they're accustomed to. Sex with a lot of partners as well as unprotected sex puts you at risk for a wide variety of sexual diseases and infections. With that said, thankfully gonorrhea can often at least be treated or cured.

For the people that don't like doing thier own research and like to get angry I really don't like replying to. You just need to find out for yourself what gonorrhea can do to you throughout your life if you have or have had it. How it can damage your DNA and harm your offspring even if you have had it only one time in your life. Good luck!

r u retarded? if you have gonorrhea you have yellow or green discharge and ******* hurts like broken glass. So how the hell did you have it for 3 years?

Thanks. In my case I tested positive for Gonorrhea. I have had it for 3 years and 9 months already. How long do you have to have it that you will die from it? Also I heard it makes people sterile. Do you know after how long of having it that it will make me sterile?

Just let me know if there are any comments on my last comment before this one.

Three years and counting. They can not find it with thier test or they know they have no answers for it and tell you that it is all in your head. Each of the symptoms the gonorrhea causes they tell you to see a specialist for the nerves, eyes, testicles, legs, feet or arthritis specialist. These are all the symptoms when you are in the last stages of having untreated gonorrhea. Untreated because thier antibiotics can no longer treat the condition. If you don't have a discharge but have all the other symptoms they tell you that you have to have a discharge to get you thinking that you don't have gonorrhea. This is not the case. If they give you antibiotics they can suppress the discharge but all the other symptoms can still be there. If you have any of the symptoms don't let them tell you you don't have an std. If I were you I would look into MMS or find a good homeopathic doctor that knows something about suppressed gonorrhea or medically untreatable gonorrhea. I just wish I would of known this when I first came down with this condition. God be with you and stay away from any form of sex until you know this is completely out of your system.

I have Gonorrhea also. How long do you have it?

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