Time Of Faith

This morning, one of my students asked me if ever have a bad day, a day of sadness. And if yes, how do I deal with it? She says that she always sees me smiling, no matter what time of the day.
Of course, I have good and bad days. Inside me, there are also nights of silence and helplessness, nostalgic moments. But I don’t spend too much time for pain or disenchantment. I make sure that such hours, soluble, don’t settle in my window. I don’t let the coldness of some people affects me nor I don’t let the tears stay too long in my heart.
I always find a way to smile, laughs and new enchantments. It is not always easy, but I know that I can change my day.  I 'just" t have to take a moment and look around. And I can find something that makes me smile and it doesn’t have to be necessary someone. Little things in life can make magic.
I never get late for such things, for discovering new sunshine. I always find a new one. There is always a way…
Faith is what always comes soon enough and it moves me. Time of faith exits and it doesn’t wait for the moment. It is necessary to have it, and I do.
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9 Responses Apr 3, 2012

*faerie whispers to one of Princess' butterflies...* It's having faith in fate.<br />
<br />
Then faerie pulls your hair...

It amazes me how some people can read a story like this, and then comment so far off topic. Wow. Really?

None are off topic
Dancing, dreaming, making merry and the odd ponder of lifes mysterys are all an accepted part of our duties aboard the pirate ship :)

Princess, you are on a wise path. Not to deny what is and yet not to dwell on it unduly.<br />
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Ecclesiastes 3 adds wisdom here: 1 There is a time for everything, <br />
and a season for every activity under the heavens: 4 a time to weep and a time to laugh, <br />
a time to mourn and a time to dance, <br />
<br />

did someone say "LADY Pirates" and "men for slaves". This means that the will be abuse onboard this ship------- promise?????<br />
<br />
Where do I sign up?<br />
<br />
Gaaaaang waaaaaaay

Living in the moment, day by day... If life is short, why not see the magic "enchantments" in everything everyday... Maybe it is our purpose here - we are tested by the hardships of the world to see if we are not willing to forget the Divine, and Heavenly Beauty still left. It is better to be caught up in the moment, than to be anxious about the future and living in the pain and mistakes of the past, forgetting to live now and here... "If today was your last day...no one of us is promised tomorrow, what would you do?"... *smiles* thank you for this post!!!

When we can bring the peace in his heart while fighting the negative emotions, the mind calms down and emotions are silent !<br />
Nice post :)

This is an excellent story! I subscribe to the same line of thinking. I only wish that more people thought like this.

It's the only way I know. It's a great attitude to have. There is ways a chink of light to brighten any darkness and always something to fall back on to bring the smiles.<br />
Great writing as always. :)

You are one of those people that can stay positive up against almost anything. I really do admire that.