This Dark Night

I'm angry that I've allowed myself to be reduced to a cliche. I'm angry that my life has become a trite pop song lyric. I'm sad that when I think I've passed through this dark night; I turn the corner and something reminds me of you. I wish the ghosts of our past would depart and be swept away with the dusts of time. I dream of a day when that empty hollow place inside will heal. I can only stand as my own judge, jury and executioner and find myself deficient as you left our love behind without explanation. I grieve for all the things that will never be. I miss loving and being loved and wonder if your ghost will ever allow my to know love again. I wonder...
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51-55, M
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I hope you're doing better now. It has only been a month since my husband asked for a divorce...a very long month. I have good days and bad days as well. Cried last night and washed the cars todays. Very up and down. Thank god for my daughters. I've been told that i'll get through this..that i'll be better off..that i'll meet someone new. Maybe i will. I have to believe that...and so do you. Keep your chin up. If you want to talk...i'll be here. Take care.

Don't be upset. Other people talk about your same issues because they have experienced some of the same issues your going thru. So your not alone when you think about it.

Thank you.

You don't have to wonder. God has great plans for you and me and we may just have to wait on Him to deliver what He has promised. You are sweet and sensitive and the new person in your futrue may be a lot closer than you think.

Hey think happy thoughts and remember im your friend . You write beautifully, I remember when someone you to loved me that much . Oh well im one my own trying to best sucks cuccessful ha ha I miss our chats

Sorry I stink at writting

You are kind and that's what I need most. Thank you.

So if I gave you my phone # would you call

One way to find out.

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