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Back when I used to post some of my dreams to a now-defunct website, the few people who read them often marveled at how well I recalled them.  I didn't think that my recall was all that great, I thought it was average.  But it's not like I talk to lots of people about their dreams.  All I have are my parents, who hardly ever remember their dreams at all.

There have been nights when I remembered LOTS of dreams, and nights when I remembered one dream that seemed to go on forever.

Here is an example of the latter, though I don't know if it'll all fit in one post; I guess I'll see and make do with another post if not.

Title:  The Grand Tour

Date:  2/15/07

I had this in about the space of an hour as I napped flat on my back.  It was incredibly detailed and realistic, though some parts were faded even upon awakening, and may be more so now.

I think this was all the same dream.

In a part near the beginning, I went out into the yard--it no longer seemed to be winter as the lawn was green and grassy and lush, though I paid no attention to the trees.  It was daytime.  I went around the north side of the house before halting near where the septic tank is buried.  And there was this BIG indentation in the ground like a large vehicle, a truck maybe, had been there and had started sinking before driving off--two indentations, I guess I should say, like tire tracks.  I recalled a story Dad had told me about a truck getting stuck and having to spin its tires in the mud before getting out, but decided that this wasn't it.  (In real life Dad did not tell me such a story, though he did recently tell me of a truck falling through the ice.)  I should say that these "ruts" were covered with the same almost mossy grass that covered the entire lawn so it wasn't like the lawn was all muddy or anything.  It's like it was simply sinking from below.

I knew that our lawn had a sinkhole or two, where the ground was unstable--I'd known it for quite a while--but nothing THIS bad.  I felt very anxious about this.  At first I was brave enough to wander around looking at both this and at new sinkhole areas I started finding--they were like pits in the ground at first, then like actual holes--but then I started getting leery of falling into one or of having the ground collapse beneath me!  I came upon at least one or two that were fully-formed holes--like gopher holes only much bigger, maybe big enough for a badger to crawl down--and was curious about how deep they were--was this a true problem or just a minor inconvenience?--and so left the yard, jogging back toward the tree in the concrete circle to find a stick to poke into a hole to tell how deep it was.

I first picked up one stick but looked it over and figured it was too small, so tossed it aside.  I then picked up another, bigger branch that I knew I'd used frequently in the past to do various things outside, and the thought of sacrificing it if the hole was too deep saddened me a bit, but I took it and went jogging back anyway.  (There was a small pile of largish sticks/branches lying beside the tree for some odd reason.  In real life I usually keep only one or two sticks there for various things.)

I was very careful making my way through the yard, and at last halted near one of the holes whose depth I couldn't determine.  I gingerly approached it, not getting too close, and poked the stick down within.  I know that it went quite deep.  Okay...I just remembered a part here that fits in with this, yet doesn't fit in, so I'm unsure how to describe it.  There seemed to be a scene in which I was doing this, putting the stick down in the hole, and a parent--Mom or Dad?--I think it was Ma--was nearby talking to me--and now the stick was much longer and I just kept pressing it and pressing it down into loose, soft soil.  I. e., I'd reached the "bottom" of the hole, but the soil beneath it was still quite soft and unstable for a VERY great depth.  I was panicking and crying things out to the parent as I kept pressing this stick down further and further, like, "I'm still pushing it in!--it's still going!--this whole yard is UNSTABLE!"  It was almost like a scene from a hokey horror movie.  I don't quite know how that scene fit in.  But in any case, I did determine that the hole was deep, that the soil was soft and yielding, and that the yard itself was unstable and unsafe for walking upon.

I removed the stick and looked at the soil depth on it, uneasy.  (At least I think I did!  The stick wasn't nearly as long as the hole was deep!)  I looked at the other sinkholes.  I again looked at the largish sunken area to the north of the house and wondered if it overlapped part of the basement.  (In real life it wouldn't, of course.)  Dad often works down there, so I was worried that someday part of the yard would collapse and cave in the basement.  I also remembered that a section of the basement wall was buckling--did that have anything to do with the sinkholes?  (In real life I do think there's a small buckling area, but not very bad, and most certainly due to water action instead.)  Would all these sinkholes just get worse and undermine the entire foundation of the house, causing it to collapse into the ground?  I felt I had to tell my parents and inform them of the danger.

There was another scene here which fit, yet didn't fit.  It's like I called Dad to tell him of the sinkholes and he came out to examine them himself.  I was worried because he's a big guy.  And of course, he somehow sank into one of the holes and as he fought, he just kept sinking deeper.  He sank up to his neck.  He wasn't acting like real-life Dad at all; he was quite boorish and rather stupid.  Finally it's like we both realized that there was no way he could sink ENTIRELY even if he fought (something I heard about quicksand in real life), so he just "sat" there with his head sticking up from the ground and I think I went to get a stick (!!) to pull him out.  I think I even lay flat on my belly so I wouldn't sink, myself, and reached out the stick for him to grab it.  But the rest of the dream went in such a way that this part must not have happened, and it was rather silly anyway.  Maybe I just imagined it as a possible scenario.  *shrug*

Well, I guess I went inside, after looking at some more of the holes in the rest of the yard, going around the front northwest corner of the house.  Cripes, it's like they were getting worse and worse!  Some might even have been filled with water.  Most were still covered with a layer of moss/grass but at least a couple were actual holes.  I was so afraid of sinking and falling, and of the house getting swallowed up from beneath.  When I went into the house it's like I was in a dirty or wet state, panicked, but I can't recall how that happened, if it did.   :/  I met Ma and told her about the sinkholes.  I wanted to warn her not to tell Dad about them yet because I was afraid that he would get angry and try to fix them himself.  (In real life, Dad often gets angry about things when I have to be the bearer of bad news, as if it's my fault or I worry too much, and he often attempts fixing things himself, and of course the fix is always temporary.  In real life most recently I was afraid that he'd think I'd broken the front door as it refuses to open when it's really cold, and now it doesn't close properly--I told Ma that and told her not to tell him, just like in the dream.)  As for what we were going to do about the sinkholes, that part seems to have remained unresolved.

If this was in fact the same dream, it deviated right here into a different plot and then seemed to follow basically the same track.  I'll call this dream "semi-lucid" as I had an awareness of being able to control things, greater than the control I have with "roleplaying" dreams, yet I never tried doing the things that one would usually try to do in a lucid dream, like flying, making the dream atmosphere do weird things, uncovering some unconscious information, etc.  Instead my attention was focused on how the dream itself unfolded and how the characters and environment around me acted--I influenced the dream to go in my favor, and for the most part it did.  It was very detailed and quite interesting, and while the length of it is daunting and makes me leery of attempting to type it up lest I forget a lot of it, I thought I'd try anyway.

I don't know quite how this grew out of the previous part.  Let me point out one little bit of a scene that fits in I don't know where.  I was in my room and saw some of my CDs and I picked one up and saw that it was a new Cirque Du Soleil CD that I didn't even recognize.  I blinked in surprise and turned it over to look at the track listing and said, "Have I even listened to this?  I don't think I have!"  I was quite surprised.  In real life I have the latest Cirque CD and I haven't listened to the ENTIRE thing, but only because I was disappointed; this was a different one, with a colorful jacket with one of their performers on it--blues and yellows.  I looked at the runtime and at first it seemed rather short, like 37 minutes, but then it was longer, maybe 117 minutes (!!).  I knew I'd have to listen to it to see if it was any good.

Dream shift now.  I can't recall how this part started, but I guess I ended up at what was supposed to be my brother's house, where he lives with his wife and their young daughter, Rayne.  Ma came too.  I knew that they'd remodeled the place but when we went to see how they'd done it it was like--holy CRAP.  They COMPLETELY redid so much of the house that I seriously wondered, how did they even afford all this??  (They aren't the best off financially.)  In the dream, there were some rooms that I knew to be familiar even though they don't exist in real life, and I wandered all over the place getting to see them.  I can't remember most of the rooms by now.   :(  But I know that I entered a sort of hallway that was in the place of their real hallway, leading away from the living room.  The walls were white stucco or something and it was like I had to walk sideways or else squeeze through because it was so narrow!  The walls were rough and curved like walking through a natural crack in rock or something.  I started seeing different things like niches in the walls, little doors, and I was very curious so stopped and turned at a wider spot to look.  Right here was this area where there was like a sort of second wall parallel to the real wall, and it was attached at the top I guess, but other than that it was kind of like an island, you know, not attached at either end.  I peered into the narrow space between these two white walls.  It was only perhaps half a foot wide at the most.  I saw an outlet to plug things into--it was smooth and easy to miss--and I saw something else that was issuing soothing music so I assumed it was a speaker set into the real wall--if there was anything else, it was too far in for me to see.  I couldn't believe they'd built this thing because it was such a waste of good space!  And if they needed to reach something behind this wall, how would they do it?  (The outlet was reachable but the speaker was further away, and if there was anything else it would be beyond reach.)  It was a nice wall and all, but still, what weird architecture.   O_o  A useless floating wall.

I think I kept walking and kept seeing more and more things that intrigued me more and more!  I kept resolving to check them out later when I had more time.  Like I kept seeing these little doors, and wondering what they led to?  Mysterious.  And little alcoves and twists and many things to explore.

And somehow I ended up walking toward an airport terminal.   o_o ?

I slowed my step.  Ahead it was very big, wide, and spacious, with a very high ceiling and kind of darker colors; there was the area where they scan you to see if you have anything metallic on you, and you have to take off your shoes, and you can't go beyond that point if you're not a passenger with a ticket; sorry that I can't recall the name, the boarding area or whatever.  It was still a good distance ahead but I halted, not wanting to get in trouble in an airport of all places!  There were a couple of guards or officials ahead talking to or scanning people, and a few other people here and there; it wasn't terribly busy.  "This is the airport," I said to myself, and knew that this was the airport we'd come through to get to Eric's (my brother's) house (it didn't resemble the real airports at all, except in terms of size).  For some reason this was significant.  I didn't really wonder how or why I'd wandered from Eric's house into the airport!  I just knew that it meant something and I had to be careful not to raise any alarms.  I think, nevertheless, that I did go walking forward carefully, to talk with the security guards or airport officials because I seem to recall a male in this part of the dream, but that's about all I remember of the airport.

I kept walking and somehow ended up in a new place that's hard to describe.  The walls were brownish and seemed natural, like earth, and there were other "tunnels" or doorways or something opening up here and there in different spots and it just kept going on and on, maybe twisting around some.  I just kept walking, quite curious and intrigued.  It's like one thing kept leading into another.  As I walked, I spotted an opening/alcove on my left which led to a doorway set back a ways, and standing here was a girl or young woman, maybe in her teens.  She was quite skinny/scrawny, with dark skin and black smooth hair which fell in her eyes a little like it needed to be cut--it seemed to be different lengths and was long in back too.  Her clothing was very simple.  She looked exotic--at first I thought she was black but then she seemed lighter, but I knew she wasn't Caucasian.  She might have resembled the boss or whoever on the show Bones, except she was prettier.  As soon as she saw that I noticed her, a frightened look came to her face and she began backing away toward the door and into the shadows so I couldn't see her as well, but I stopped and turned to her, holding out a hand.

"It's okay," I called out gently.  "I won't hurt you, I just want to talk to you."

The dark-skinned girl was still wary, but after a moment she seemed to sense that I was sincere so she came creeping back out.  I'm not sure what it was I wished to talk to her about, but I think I wanted her to explain this place to me and what was going on, where I was, etc.  She was very soft spoken and shy, but she answered my questions readily enough, and soon was acting as a sort of guide around these tunnels or whatever they were.

At some point a man was involved.  I don't know, honestly, if that was in this part of the dream or back in the airport; it might have been just as I turned to walk back from the airport before ending up in the tunnels.  But I think something frustrated me a little and all of a sudden there was this loud exclamation behind me, and I turned and it was this rather cute young man with wavy brown hair and perhaps a beard; he resembled an actor who used to be on Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place, and he was in a movie with Wesley Snipes, but I can't recall his name.  Anyway, he appeared to be a random fellow traveler as well and he empathized with my plight with much amusement.  He was much taller than I was and very friendly, kind of loud but not rude--I just sensed that's how he was.  He was saying something akin to "That's the way it always is, isn't it?"  I think he might have accompanied me/us for a short time but after a while he seemed to drop out of sight so either I/we left him behind, or he just became quieter, I don't know.  *shrug*

Well another point in these tunnels, we spotted a small hole down in the lefthand wall, like one a rodent might live in...what's odd is it seemed to be more torn or broken through the wall rather than dug.  I asked about what sort of thing might live in there and here's where I was influencing the dream somewhat; it was the dark-skinned girl who was telling me about what lived in there, but I was dictating what she said.  Turns out the hole was the home of some sort of rat-sized rodents that much resembled mice, only they were very intelligent, and, as I had her tell me, they were kindly disposed toward humans.  They were also quite shy.  As I peered into the hole at least two of the rodents poked their heads out to look at me, pulled their heads back in, then poked them back out, a little nervous.  I knew they had some sort of reputation and most people were afraid that they'd attack violently but that wasn't the truth at all, at least, if you treated them respectfully.  I looked down at these small beings and hoped that if I should ever need their help down here, they'd be willing.

At some point when we were stopped in the tunnel, maybe in the next part, I realized that there was no echo.  Our voices didn't bounce back to us when we talked--it was like all other sound was muted, muffled, nonexistent.  It was kind of an eerie feeling and we stood there in silence for a moment before I tested it, and no, no echo.  I found that quite strange considering the setting.

We kept walking and then on the right side of the tunnel another strange sight appeared.  (This might have come before the rodents, but I guess the order doesn't matter.)  There was like a sofa or couch here, except it seemed made of stone, but I'm not sure.  And there was this big burly man sinking into it.  His head and hands and maybe his feet were still visible, but it's like the couch or whatever was sucking him in.  He was yelling and fighting it, tossing out quaint curses that weren't really curses (that is, they would pass well with the PG to PG-13 crowd); I think he was a kind of wild man or mountain man or giant or something.  The only comparison I can think of is Hagrid from the Harry Potter books, though in truth his size was that of a normal big man, and I think his longish messy hair and beard were brown rather than black.  In any case, he was fighting like mad to escape from this couch or whatever that was consuming him, and the girl and I halted to stare at him in perplexity, wondering what was going on.  We asked him what his story was and he told us, though I don't really recall what it all was.  But basically, yes, this couch-thing was trying to suck him in and he was fighting it off.  "I'll be damned if I'll let this thing win!" he yelled, flailing away.

I again controlled part of the dream here, and somehow managed to free the big man from this couch-thing.  I don't know if I pulled him out with a stick (a la the earlier part of the dream with Dad and the sinkhole) or what, but he was very grateful in his usual blustery way.  He didn't seem to accompany us though; maybe he just gave us information.  And when I kept on wandering, the dark-skinned girl seemed to drop out of sight too.  I did have a feeling though that all these people I was running into would be ready and willing to help me should I need them--the airport guy, the dark girl, the rodents, the big wild man.  It was like I was on a quest or adventure and kept meeting these strange people who I should get to know and be nice to, because one can never tell when they'll need a hand.

Well, now I started wandering through different rooms.  There were at least two or three but I only recall two.  One was occupied by elderly people, like a retirement home, but I think they were getting some daily exercise.  There was a younger, dark-haired woman leading them.  I weaved my way through, saying politely, "Hello, sorry, just passing through"--I said this in every room I passed through, just to assure the people there that I didn't intend to trespass, I was just passing through out of necessity, and whenever I saw something nice I complimented them too.  This room looked kind of like a schoolroom and I think the elderly people were doing mild exercises while the lady led them.  I complimented them on what they were doing and briefly examined the room.  I forgot that--I briefly looked around each room I entered, to see the various niches, alcoves, doorways, etc. that each had, which I might want to explore.  In one of the far corners, I saw a little alcove which one would have to really squeeze through, and there was a door leading outside through there.  It seemed that in every room I entered, there was an almost-identical little alcove with a door leading outside--I even started looking for that doorway specifically in each room I entered.  I was curious but decided to keep exploring inside first.  The doors leading out seemed to be old wooden doors, painted white, with a window in them so you could see out.  The alcoves they were set into were really small and cramped, echoing the hallway in Eric's house earlier.

The last room I remember entering turned out to be in the house of a young boy, maybe around thirteen or so, and his mother (if he had a father he wasn't present).  The boy was dressed like a typical boy, dark shirt and pants or shorts and a dark baseball cap, maybe turned backwards.  "Hello, sorry, just passing through," I said politely when they looked at me strangely, and I ended up wandering through their house and into this room that turned out to be the boy's room itself.  He followed me inside, more puzzled than offended.  And his room just totally wowed me.  It had a high ceiling and the walls and layout were just totally irregular.  All weird angles and alcoves and everything!  The walls were painted dark blue or some such and he had all this neat stuff arranged in all these weird ways due to the room's layout.  I gaped at this all and started complimenting him on his room; he acted like a typical boy, like, "Whatever," but I could tell that he was pleased by my astonishment, and whenever I asked about something he would explain it to me or point something else out.

He had what at first I took to be a fountain in part of the room (the room wasn't very spacious as the walls and bed and everything were at such weird angles as to make it have little floor room, but it had lots of neat stuff to examine), but it turned out to be his SINK!  He had his own personal sink and it was so cool.  I can't describe it adequately.  I think it had a carved stone or metal ball and you'd put your hands on that and water would run over them and fall into this shallow basin below and that's how you'd wash your hands--I then noticed water spouting out of the top and stuck my fingers in that.  (In real life yesterday in a catalog I saw a fountain that vaguely resembled this.)  I think I had to be careful not to spill water or make it overflow as the basin was so shallow.  I thought that was pretty neat.  I also thought that, if he has such a cool sink, he must have a really awesome bathroom!   ^_^  I didn't get to see that part though.  I wandered over to the left back corner of his room and here I saw where his closet was located.  I don't remember if it had doors or not.  It was a walk-in closet though, and it was HUGE!!  At first there were racks and racks of clothes and TONS of baseball caps--so many baseball caps that I knew he MUST be a collector.  When I stepped into the closet (it had its own light), there weren't nearly as many caps anymore, but still a good number sitting upon various shelves and racks, mostly to my left.

I turned to look over my shoulder at the boy as he approached.  "This is your closet?" I exclaimed; he nodded and I looked back at the caps.  "This is awesome!  You collect these, right?"  I started examining the caps and he nodded again and stepped inside with me.  Many of the caps on the left now had pictures of Tweety Bird on them and I guess that was something in particular he liked to collect.  I saw one cap more toward the right that had the anime character Naruto on it and I exclaimed, "Naruto!" in amusement, since I kind of like that manga/anime.  He didn't show an especial amount of interest in that though, nor in that I even knew the name Naruto, and headed more toward the other caps.  I looked these over a little before retreating and deciding to leave the boy in peace since I'd bothered him enough.  Plus, his mother called to him, and he learned that there was some sort of "game" or something on TV (like a video game I think, not a sports game), and he hurried out of the room, completely distracted now, to watch it.

"Thanks for letting me look around!" I called, but he barely even noticed me anymore, he was so absorbed in whatever he was watching.  Oh well.  I would find my own way out.  Again, I think I saw the doorway niche leading outside, but I'm not sure.  I intended to keep on walking through more rooms and meeting more people and seeing more interesting stuff, but as soon as I opened a particular door (can't remember what it looked like) and stepped beyond, shutting it behind me, I realized that I was finally outside.

"Oh," I said in surprise, looking around.  I had stepped out and down a little bit and was near a beach.  "I didn't intend to come outside so soon," I thought, feeling somewhat disappointed, but then I sighed and shrugged it off.  "Oh well.  I guess I've been looking around long enough anyway.  I should get going back.  But not before..."  I looked at the water around me.

It's like I was standing on a sort of natural ledge of beach, and there was a great lake around me to left and right, and I think the sun was setting because it was kind of pinkish and dull out.  In the distance to the left there was a sort of industrial area with buildings, far off.  Behind me and extending leftward was the "building" or whatever I had just exited.  Also to the left, in front of that, there was a patch of water that I wanted to go step in, but I thought it might be kind of deep, so I turned my attention to the right and closer beside me.  The ledge dropped off several inches here, and there was this nice patch of shallow water with smoothed rocks all along the bottom.  A little further out in a patch of water, maybe the same one, a seagull floated serenely.

"...This!" I finished, and started to step into the water.  I wanted to dunk my feet in the lake before I had to head back to wherever I had to go (Eric's house??).  A little belatedly I told myself to be careful as it could be slippery, and those were rocks I was going to step on, but nevertheless I slipped and started falling.  It was JUST like when I went walking off the boat launch and my foot slipped out from underneath me and I slid down into the water up to my chest on a trip to Black Lake with my dad once in real life.  Only I managed to catch my balance before falling, and stood upright with a sigh of relief.  What's weirdest is that, as I'd started to fall, I'd had fears that I'd get the camera wet--then I realized that I didn't HAVE the camera with me, that was what had happened in real life at Black Lake!  (I'd gotten both of our cameras wet.)  So that was a kind of weird feeling of cognitive dissonance there, worrying about a camera that I didn't even have.   O_o

I sloshed my feet in the water a bit, looking at the polished stones--it seemed dark brownish here, maybe with tannin or something, and a little deeper than I'd liked, several inches, but I was doing okay.  I then lifted my head to look at my surroundings.

The seagull was still there, only now it was an egret, perhaps a snowy egret...and it was no longer floating on the water nearby but kind of hovering over the horizon line in the distance, and it was glowing.  Just this white egret glowing and hovering in place.  It was in an odd pose, like it was doing literally that, posing, maybe with its neck kind of down and a wing outstretched in an arc above it.  It wasn't moving whatsoever.  I started scanning the horizon itself and thought I spied something that looked like the Mackinac Bridge WAY in the distance, and again, in a bit of semi-lucidity, I planned to have several bridges show up, just to freak myself out, then decided against that because it was kind of cliche.  And the first bridge, if it really was a bridge, wasn't very visible anyway and I couldn't even tell if it was the Mackinac Bridge.  The sky seemed kind of orange over to the left, near the industrial area, where I thought I'd seen the first bridge.

I turned my attention back to the hovering, glowing egret in the dull purpling sky.  There was this soothing New Age or instrumental/elevator-type music coming from somewhere.  I felt a very vague sense of unease or awe.  That was when my alarm clock woke me up.

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That is QUITE the dream! My goodness there was SO much detail and the tunnels ... oh the tunnels. They truly fascinated me. <br />
<br />
Perhaps the beginning of the dream has some truth to some emotions you have in regard to feeling 'swallowed up' or something similar? <br />
<br />
I used to analyze dreams but much like all hobbies, I lost interest quickly after it seemed I had reached a certain level that satisfied me.

I am honestly quite surprised that all fit. I've been known to write stuff much longer. o_o