Why Do I Bank With Wells Fargo

I have been living in California since 1984 and gone through many banks and credit unions. Some of them have been acquired by big banks and the name of the companies could no longer be found. Some of them still doing business. I usually prefer small local-owned banks because they are generally more customer-oriented and friendly. Unfortunately, it also means the chance the business would be bought by the big company is very high. So, I have gone through so many changes in my personal banking experiences.

About five years ago, I started working at Wells Fargo so I opened an account at Wells Fargo. After I left the job at Wells Fargo, I still keep my accounts there. Prior to Wells Fargo, I did banking with Cal Fed which was acquired by Citi bank. After Citi acquired Cal Fed, I noticed I kept getting charge fees that it never happended in the past with Cal Fed. I fed up with Citi's service so I moved most of my fudning to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is not perfect. I sometimes ran into some issues. But, I just felt that Wells Fargo did put the customer service first and tried very hard to take care the customers/clients.

I never knew how bank charges fees despite they gave me the pamphlet when the account was set up. Who would remember everything that written so tiny on the pamphlet. One good experience I have with Wells Fargo is that when I have a question about a fee charge they always refund the fee first and explain to me why the fee was posted and how I could do to avoid the fee. I feel this is fair. So, if I am charged again for the same reason, I know it is my fault because Wells Fargo has already done their part to let me know why, how and they even excuse the fee for the first-offensive. I am sure if I try to argue with Wells Fargo the 2nd time about the fee, they would probably waive it too and give me why and how the 2nd time.

This is the major reason that I stay with Wells Fargo despite there were some other small issues in the past. I know banks make money by charging service fees. But, Wells Fargo gisve customers several chances to get familiar with their charging practices is the best among those big banks I have ever done business with. I have done business with Citi, Bank of America and Chase.

I was very unhappy with the fee chargine practices at Citi and Bank of America so I stop doing business with them. I keep accounts at Wells Fargo and Chase because these two are the banks still provide greetings when I walk to the branch office and provide fresh coffee while I am waiting for the services.

On the Internet, I often see people post something and tell the world the bad experiences they had. I thought I share my experiences banking with Wells Fargo with others so we know there are good things happening every day too.

BTW, I am not the only one think Wells Fargo's doing an outstanding customer service. A co-worker of mine told me the same story how the fees got waived at Wells Fargo after I told him about my horrible experiences with Bank of America.

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Jul 9, 2010