My Amazing Father

my father was the most amazing man he beats any man i have ever had in my life when i was growing up i would go out when my father was working on one of the cars and i would get greasy right along with him he taught me how to fix alot of things on a car. the camping trips we took were awsome we fished and talked, we had the best father daughter relationship,my father was in the air force he was a roofer by trade and he worked very hard so that his 7 daughters could have what they needed. when my first daughter was born my father told me sweetie you are amazing you have always been a great daughter and now you gave me a bueaty of a granddaughter to love,my father was a diabetic he had been for 21 years i was terrified when his kidneys started to fail but i went to dialisis with him sat there talked and joked every week. the dialisis was too much for his heart and he went down hill fast but he told me i will always be with you i cryed. he finally was put on a resporater i sat by his bed and held his hand he grasped my hand so hard i looked in his face his green eyes were wide and tears ran down his face he sqeesed my hand even tighter his eyes begged please dont let me live like this let me go, my mom said hun and he looked at her and she also knew what he wanted. my mom and all 7 girls talked all night and it was our hardest decision we ever made but we let him go the most amazing husband ,father, and grandfather who ever graced this earth my dad,i love you dad
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1 Response Dec 22, 2012

this is so sweet and very touching i wish i had this with my father not alot of people have what you did/still do have and that must of truly been amazing and one day you will see him again xo

thank you hun i am so sorry that you do not have that kind of father i have always felt very blessed to have my dad and i will see him again someday big hugs hun

its ok although i do wish me and my dad were closer im more of a mommas boy anyway :p lol but you are very welcome :)

moms make wonderful memories to i am happy you have her and that you are her boy nothing wrong with that