Eternal Life

The Holy Spirit has added his blessings to this writing .

There is great news that all must hear, every ear. For everyone has a reward in store for them. In case Anyone doesnt know the story of how Our Creator , that loves us so much sent himself here on earth, in a human body to live here because we sinned by being decived by Satan as usual. He was the Son of Man Jesus the Christ. In the world we Live in or our forefathers God has been made to be a joke or he exists and he is to be feared, he loves us and he only wants us to love him back. He is a Jealous God,why? because some of his children rather worship things that are not ALIVE or worship themselves , or demons or Satan the very one who created sin in himself and tried to overthrow  God in HEAVEN.Could you believe that , The Devil tried to overthrow God; Lucifer decieved 1/3 of heavens angels(of a number we do not know) and there was a War in heaven Lucifer was banished to Earth with his fallen .
I understand that he was the most beautiful Cherub and Leader of choir as well(No wonder he controls us through music) but he cannot overthrow his Creator.
    So our Lord on earth endured EVERY single temptation that we go through, and maybe worst seeing that he  is God in the Flesh. But he lived to show the true way we are supposed to live, Peacefully, Loving each other , kind , serving each other, after all we all are brothers and sisters. He taught us to keep a connection with him as he keeps a connection with the Father. But Satan is always at work as well, for he knows he has little time to live and he wants to take as many as he can with him. Our Lord, Our God, Our Heavenly Father was flogged,which means to be beaten, whipped horribley, they inflicted as much pain as they could on him. Can you imagine being whipped so bad with a whip with steel on the end ripping your flesh in your back open? Neither can I. They mocked him, spit on him  then drove nails through his hands and feet hung him on a cross.His arms dislocated, he couldnt breath, they ******** him naked in front of all the town people to watch like a criminal.What does the cross mean to you? is it just a symbol of foolishness or does it mean power to you.It is sad because He didnt deserve that , we do , he was sinnless, a spotless Lamb.

   Heres the Good Part or shall i say the Good news, He did it for Us. His blood and death means that he took the Sentence that we whats we deserved ..Theres no one in this world who will do something like this for another. An Unmerited Favor how awesome. This Gives us the chance to have Eternal Life like we should have had from the beginning wiping our Sins clean. We can have ETERNAL LIFE ...LIVE FOREVER...NEVER DIE...NEVER GROW OLD...if we just believe that he died on the cross for us, and his blood  covers us.And not just eternal life  but, also New heaven and New Earth .He will Give us more than we can ever imagine.And best of All he will LIVE amongst us once and for all, face to face , All of our Questions will be answered. The Lord will destroy this world we live in along with Sin, Satan, his Demons, and All who follow him, think that their life is okay the way it is, if you are not living accordingly pray for guidance PLEASE
This is for ALL of mankind to CHOOSE .

   For Our Lord and Saviour will return again , the Signs of the Times are here and soon it will be to late to choose the door will be closed. If you are in a life of unhappiness he says come he will make you happy, if your world is full of darkness he says come let me bring light, if your world is hectic and you dont know what to do he says come let me give you is his will that every need be supplied...He Loves you and wants you to be with him.
He is not coming for Religon, he is not coming for Deeds, he is coming for those who know him. Dont wait before its to late, There is not enough time anymore.
With Love and Light
God Bless

HeavenlyWarrior HeavenlyWarrior
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010


wow that is good story. i like it.
the Messiah is the King. I so happy I have King of Israel my life,
I know that the devil try hard to fight people.
and try put scare in people. i was being put down by some one on ep
goes by the name of Azsurnil and he seeks demons, he is a demon hunter and i told him that he should stop seeking demons and seek God, but he got really mean to me. I glad you wrote this story

Lol don't listen to Azsurnil, been there and done that! I swear he has been deceived to working on the wrong side. But that not in my place to be saying that, apologies. Btw, it's not a story or a fairy tale, it is the truth. ;)