New Cell Phone Taxes On Way

a new tax to help pay for the Obama budget.  As more and more organizations take his budget line by line we will see more of these beauties.

February 28, 2009

Obama's Creative Stealth Taxation

Douglas Lang
One of the more creative ways in which Americans are proposed to pay for  the government's lavish spending habits has been revealed by Reuters. The proposed "Spectrum user license fee" on p132 of President Obama's budget would see cellular phone operators paying an annual levy for using certain bands of radio wavelength; despite operators already spending billions at FCC auctions for access to these frequencies. The fees will start at $50million for 2009, rising progressively to $550million per annum in 2013.

This license fee will naturally be passed on to the operator's customers should the budget be passed and in effect creating a stealth taxation of each citizen for their use of radio airwaves - an entity which is organically property of every American citizen.


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9 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Business pass taxes and fees through as a cost of doing business. Cell phones and more.<br />
<br />
That dress. That pair of shoes. Everything.<br />
<br />
It goes into the price then they add a mark-up for profit and sell it to all their customers that want it.

when business figure the price to charge for their service/product all costs to them are figured into what to charge you.<br />
<br />
company that makes a desk top. customer pays 100.00 how do they get that price.<br />
<br />
5.00 for material<br />
10.00 for equipment to make <br />
30.00 for employee labor<br />
15.00 for employee benifits <br />
20.00 for basics (building and utilities, office supplies and other business expenses)<br />
10.00 taxes charged by government<br />
10.00 actual profits after all of the above.<br />
<br />
this is just an idea of how cost accounting is done in a business to determine how much they charge. when anyone of the "costs to them go up" the cost is passed on to the customer in higher prices.<br />
<br />
A company has to make a minimum amount just to break even and stay in business before any profit is made.

I'll say this. I am in the electrical business. If I were taxed on lets say... copper wire... you think i'm going to pay that tax? Nope. Whoever I work for will pay it because I'm passing it right on to them.... The end user... the consumer will pay all the taxes.

any tax placed on service or business by government is a tax on us. we pay the taxes that the government places on them in the prices we pay for goods and services. Saying it is a tax on a business is a play on words and not true. Instead of the government collecting the tax directly from us they use the business to collect the tax for them.

we need to break the country in half as quickly as we can and get these sheep over to their side.

"Thus, creating more and more who will depend on the government for food and shelter."<br />
<br />
That seems to be the ultimate goal....

it is going to hit every small detail of our lives. if it is not taxed yet it will be, if it is already taxed then it will gow higher.<br />
<br />
the one's who will suffer the most will be the one's who can not afford it. Yes the rich will be paying more but those who do not fall into that will be paying more. Thus, creating more and more who will depend on the government for food and shelter.

No way... this can't be true. We're all getting tax "Cuts"... remember????

Barry is a slick snakeoil salesman. To think that all the sheep that blindly supported him, will have no idea what hit their pocket books.