JESUS CHRIST loves you and I. He has done a lot for me. He has given me hope and joy. In a time of darkness I always saw light in the end. GOD has a plans for you if you accept it.
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I don't want to accept god in my life. I have been doing fine on my own for all this time. I hope you can respect that.


The blessings that you though isn't given unto to you by your own power. Be careful of what you say because if GOD takes away his blessing from you since you basically said your doing fine on your own and your life takes a left turn. You shouldn't be surprised or complain because you cursed yourself just now. Whether you come to GOD is your business but, I'm just warning you.

Be careful of what you say. Others thought that way too and for some slowly or rapidly things started crashing down in their life and they didn't know why or how to handle it. Some blamed it on GOD even but. They caused because what they said and believed. It's happened to others that's why I'm warning you.

Blessings that you receive*

I have had a brain herphormage when I was 11 on christmas eve. He wasn't there to begin with.

I've also been bullied through elementary school for 8 years by the entire school. Including for my brain herphormage and Epilepsy.

I have Epilepsy and have had to spend my entire teenage years in a school for handicapped people. A place where I didn't really belong, not to mention being underestimated and denied my dream by my teachers who thought I was an idiot.

I got kicked out of college for handicapped people due to me contracting Tietze Syndrome. (Yes, it's ironic :P)

I need a ******* scootmobile to go to the mall which is a 10 minute walk away at most. Yes, I can't even walk without pain from my bed to the toilet on bad days.

Yes, god's blessings are truly fantastic, oh the horror if he takes those blessings away.

Give me one good reason why the hell I should believe in someone who gives those kind of blessings.

Wow your really ungrateful. Really bad things might happen to you but, you still get food to eat. You survived, didn't die and have ultimate torture. You don't deserve the best. You should be thankful you even have a place to sleep and water. You focus on everything bad. It's all about how you handle your situation and you just complain and say there's nothing good.

Your life could be a loooot worse. Some people don't even have the opportunity to go to school were abandoned by there whole family are in a mental institute for just being blind and went crazy... They would trade their life for yours.

And if your life takes a left turn*
They caused it* because of*

Sorry I type fast and make mistakes and don't realize.

Just because I don't believe in your god doesn't mean you should judge me! You are pretty disrespectful.

I am not ungrateful. After all that has happened to me, I have NEVER been ungrateful, I never even spoke of it in my post! I value my family and the ability to walk, even if it is painful.

I am very grateful for the things I have. Not because of your god, but because *I* took the courage to step up and make something of myself. I may have been stomped into the ground by your god (if he exists that is), but if you ACTUALLY knew me, rather than just judge me because I don't believe in him, you'd know I am not one to complain. You told me about my blessings, I gave an answer to that by telling about my misfortunes, that is all.

My dream is to become a game designer, due to my Tietze Syndrome, which is a great blessing from your god by the way, I couldn't go to college for that. So instead *I* am using my own brain and my own skills and learn to be a game designer on my own and am in the process of developing my first game all on my own.

So please think before you say something as offensive as you did.

And another thing, why shouldn't I deserve the best? Doesn't everyone deserve the best?

God doesn't only give dreams, the devil does too. I'm not judging you because you don't worship my GOD. I judged you because that's how you came across. Your acting like I'm lying. I was being honest not rude. It seems like you needed a reality check. Honesty will be defensive in a lot of cases. The way I came about telling you that you are ungrateful might've been rude but, there is no nice way that you won't take offense. Did you want me to tell you were perfect and right?

If you were grateful, you wouldn't complain about bad things that happen to you. You would understand that you don't even deserve the greatest but be thankful that your life isn't worse. You did not only tell me about your misfortunes, you complained.

What makes everyone deserve the best? They haven't done the best, they think bad things, say bad things, some murder, lie, hate others, don't forgive, join cults, are prideful etc. but they deserve the best. The man who raped the neighbors 9 year old daughter deserves the best since everyone does right?

Honesty will be offensive*

I meant you would be thankful without complaint.

I was thinking about what I said to you because of GOD. I see my era. The way I delivered the message was wrong. I'm sorry for the way I delivered the message, I was upset because you disrespected GOD. I have to forgive you in my heart as well. I made a point but, not in the way I should have and not necessarily what I wanted to get across in the first place. I just prayed about it and prayed for you. I didn't show love to you and represented Christ in the wrong way.

I can tell you all about reason why GOD is real and the evidence but, It would probably be a waste of time. I'll just pray that GOD shows himself to you.

Well, I do appreciate your honesty, though it did come across as a tad rude. But since all has been forgiven already, let's drop it. Just wanted to reply here as well. :)

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