Relieved Beyond Belief

I received a phone call from my estranged (moved out about a month ago) husband.  Now, as most of you all know, our marriage has been over for about a year now.  And no matter how much I wanted a legal separation, I was afraid to bring it up because I was worried about hurting him....again.  

And up until today, I was sure that he thought we would just live in limbo like we are right now. 
However, he called and told me he made the first move towards a legal separation by talking to a lawyer.  He said he'd pay for the paper work and that in a year from now, we can file papers for a divorce.  Uncontested.  No court fees.  No hassles. 

I am free. 

A huge stress has been lifted off of my shoulders. 

I am happy and relieved and ready to start my new life. 

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17 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I like how you think, TOCIC!! <br />
<br />

WOW enjoy your freedom and don't jump in with someone else to soon

Thanks, Wednesday!!

A cat farm, eh? You wouldn't know anyone who would like to be my biggest buyer, do you?

Grats! Now that you're single, you can spend more time raising cats. YUM!

I've found much happiness already. Thank you, newday.

Clatter clatter, kaching! (the chains falling away) <br />
A new day is dawning! Congratulations!!!!<br />
Go forth and seek happiness. <br />
(We all deserve it don't we?)


Congrats, honey! :)

Sadly, I saved money once I switched FROM Geico. Odd, isn't it?<br />
<br />

You have all made me smile. Thank you so very much. I am feeling a lot less stressed about things.

Wow. That's huge. I hope it all goes seamlessly. I'm singing Sting's "Free free, set them free!"

Congratulations, that's WONDERFUL news, here's to the happy, love-filled, beautiful life you have ahead of you!!!

Cheers to you.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Happy for you darling, I am always here with free hugs and kisses anytime if you need them. xxxxxxoooo

*Clings glasses*<br />
<br />
To new life and new love and happiness!!