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Ariana Grande Wedgie

Ariana grande was a famous celebrity. Lots of people knew lots of things about her. What they didn't know, however, was her fetishes. Ariana loved wedgies, that feeling of cotton or lace or even those stretchy undies crammed up her *** and rubbing her ***** made her so horny and hot. She also had a thing for spankings, just that slap on her *** was so great. However, she didn't have a wedgie buddy or a boy toy to spank her, and so she decided on self-wedgies. She eventually got tired of them after 2 of them hadn't worked out, and so she decided on one last super selfie. After another day at work, she got back to the condo she shared with Victoria justice, her BFF. Victoria was supposed to be at some fancy party; Ariana only knew that because Victoria had borrowed one of her slutty dresses. Ariana grabbed some rope and prepared for the ultimate self wedgie. She ******** down to just her red polka dot bra and the matching elastic panties, the super stretchy ones. She pulled the rope over her bedroom door and tied it to the outside doorknob. She threw it over the door, because there was a small opening over the door even when it was closed, went inside her room, and pulled the rope to her waist while she stood on a stool. She looped it through her back leg holes and tied it off. She closed her eyes, and kicked out the stool from underneath her. The panties shot up her *** and her bouncy butt was fully exposed, although was up against the door. She was in a hanging wedgie. She looked down to see that, although the panties had stretched a little while in her crack, she was still a foot or two off the ground. She looked at her crotch to see that the panties, although somewhat in, were barely up her *****, only revealing a slight camel toe. She was about to fix it when she heard the front door open. Immediately embarrassed to know someone was home, and with her cheeks flushed red, she tried to get down from her hanging horny experience, but to no avail. "Hey lovely I'm home!" Yelled out Victoria. "The party was such a drag. Where you at?" She said with a smile. She went down the hall to where Ariana's bedroom was only to notice rope on the outside of the door. "Babe what's this?" She said as she opened the door, completely revealing Ariana in her wedgied up state. "Ohh...uhhh..hi Victoria," stammered Ariana, "I didn't know you were coming home so soon." Victoria, although originally looking shocked, smiled and got a glean in her eye. "So what do we have here Ariana," she said, while spinning her around slowly. "Looks like someone has a wedgie fetish." "Victoria I can explain!" "Oh no dear it's fine." Said Victoria. With a wink, she whispered, "so do I." Ariana, originally embarrassed, asked," so... Do u wanna be my wedgie buddy?" "How's this for an answer?" Said Victoria as she quickly closed the door, grabbed the rope and pulled. Ariana was pulled even higher,her cute round butt fully exposed as her panties soared up her *** crack. Her barely-there camel toe changed into a full blown frontal as the panties flew up the front of her body and her ***** was dug into, exposing her lips. Still controlling the rope,Victoria bounced Ariana up and down, leading Ariana to moan loudly. She started to hump the air as she began to feel aroused. "OhhOohhhhhOhhhOHHHHH" she moaned louder as her legs, quite open, humped the air faster. Right as she began to feel the best feelings, she heard a loud snap. Her panties ripped, sending her to the floor with her legs spread and butt in the air, face on the ground. Victoria opened the door and noticed Ariana's butt up. She smirked, hauled back, and slapped her on the ***, sending Ariana to tumble into her bed, where she ended up facing forward with her legs wide open, exposing the fragments of the red polka dot panties still lodged up her *****. "Owwww" groaned Ariana as she got up and turned around to look at the red handprint on her still-bouncing butt. "How did you know I liked spankings?" Asked Ariana. "I didn't. I just wanted to slap your COMPLETELY exposed ***. Besides, most girls, including myself, like spankings." They talked for a minute longer and decided to set up a way to wedgie themselves. They grabbed more rope, and Ariana changed panties to some green ones while Victoria stayed fully dressed and prepared to wedgie her own blue panties and were just starting to hang by wedgie in the closet when they heard the door open. "****!" Said Victoria, "I forgot I told Miley to come over. She was at the party too." "Oh no. No no no!" Said Ariana. "She hates me, remember? Ever since I became the new hot singer she's hated me." "Hello? Anyone home?" Called out Miley, "the door was open so I just came in. Oh, I hope you don't mind that Miranda tagged along." "Oh no, not her!" Said Victoria. "She hates me because I stole her airtime and ruined her dumb show!" "Just great. Two enemies, who are sort of friends, are about to find us in my closet hanging by underwear." Right as she said that, Miley and Miranda walked into the room to see the two in the closet. They burst out laughing before looking at each other, winking, and walking to the closet. "If we help you down, you have to be our wedgie slaves for the day." "Fine just let us down." Miranda grabbed some more rope, some whipped cream, a paddle, both of Ariana's vibrators, and her two ****** as well, and Miley dug into Ariana's underwear drawer and grabbed some thongs. They tied Ariana's and Victoria's hands together, and ******** Victoria down to her bra and panties just like Ariana already was. They forced them onto their hands and knees, and they climbed onto their backs, Miranda on Victoria and Miley on Ariana. They faced their butts and pulled as hard as they could. Both Victoria and Ariana gasped as their panties skyrocketed, Ariana's green flying up her *** as Miley pulled as hard as she could, standing up and lifting Ariana off the ground, while Victoria's blue was being bounced up and down by Miranda, in and out of her *** and *****, rubbing them so much she began to moan and air hump. Meanwhile, Ariana was gasping and moaning as the panties, instead of going up her *****, was going inside and deep. She as well began to moan. Miley, smirking at Ariana's obvious enjoyment, put her foot on Ariana's back to keep her down while pulling the panties higher, then pulling them forward and above Ariana's head. She was pulled back in an arch, her ***** high and her head curved on the floor reaching her butt. Miley sat right next to Ariana's tortured head and grabbed onto the front of her panties. Ariana squirmed from the pleasure she was having, the uncomfortable position her atomic wedgie had placed her in (which was over her eyes, so she couldn't see), and the sudden feeling of cold hands reaching down her panties in the front and briefly brushing her sensitive *****. Suddenly, she felt the hands pull forward, as Miley gave her the ultimate frontal wedgie, pulling it up to her bra. Forget a camel toe; Ariana's full vagina was on display as the green panties entered her nether regions and reached the top of her *****. "Hmm, looks like red isnt your natural hair color. Might wanna shave that *****, *****." Ariana couldn't take it anymore; moaning even louder, she air humped for the final time as she came, the *** squirting directly up and eventually landing on her panties. She moaned in pleasure and stopped resisting the wedgie as the final *** left her and she fell down into ecstasy. Miley ripped the panties off her and shoved the shredded wet remains into Ariana's ***, not far in but enough so the crack held them. Meanwhile, Miranda was having trouble getting Victoria to ***. She had bounced her for 3 minutes and all she did was moan and air hump. Miley walked over to help out. Much to Victoria's dismay, they poured water and soap down her panties and executed a vicious squeaky clean wedgie, pulling up and down from each side as the panties squeaked along its travels up both Victoria's ***** and ***. Eventually, her moans grew louder and she came, squirting into her already wet panties. Miley grabbed the legholes on the back and yanked as high as she could, ripping them off Victoria. The shreds from the back were taken, although there was still fragments deep up her *** and *****, and were shoved in the *** again like with Ariana. Miley and Miranda stood above the two wedgied girls, who were way to pleasured to look up, with their tied hands rubbing their pained *******. Miley and Miranda walked out of the room, saying," we'll be watching tv on the couch if you need us." But before they left, they each walked up to the girl they didn't like, ripped off their bra, grabbed their nipples, and gave their perky **** a nipple twist. Both girls squealed in pain, as their happy time was over and the pain time began. After 2 minutes, the girls let go and went to the couch to watch tv.

Part two coming soon!
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Wedge ***


If only real

that was amazing i wunna readd part 2


love it


Wow, so hot! :-D. I can't wait to read part 2! :-)