What Now?

I have been rushing round today buying the last of my prezzies.

I went into the city to get gifts for one of my best friends.

She's taking a trip of a lifetime to Japan in the New Year and is very excited about it.

I bought her lots of little things - all with a Japanese theme.

A Japanese doll and a beautiful book of Japanese fairy tales and myths

I have just been wrapping them and felt that warm cosy glow you get when you know you have bought something a person will just LOVE!

Just been boasting to a mutual friend about all the trouble I have taken

H'mmm .. the friend has reminded me she is going to CHINA!!

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40 Responses Dec 23, 2009

It's good to re-visit this story. A timely reminder to concentrate when planning what to buy friends for Christmas :)


Ho! Easy mistake! :)

Oh dear! ....Ha ha......sounds like the sort of mistake I would make!! :)

Ooooooooooops<br />
<br />
Maybe you should send her on a trip to Japan and buy her a whole load of Chinese stuff - should nicely redress the natural order.

Lol .. she has never let me forget it!

bwah ah ha ha ha ha...CHINA!!!<br />
<br />
too funny...its the thought that counts

I loved this story! Oh dear, I can so identify with you, I've done similar type things too! X@


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It made her laugh thats for sure!

Aw, what a wonderful friend you are! This made me feel warm inside. :)

Haha thanks .. I did go and buy her a Chinese travel video

She will be surrounded by Chinese dolls and books in China, so Japanese book and doll will be different and will remind her of you. I think it's a very thoughtful thing to do and I'm sure your friend will love them- I would.I'm sure she will see the funny side too.

Well, it's the thought that counts ... ooops.

That's very funny ROTFLMAO!

This is a bit late cuz your best friend has left already. But let me just say that this is just too funny. =)<br />
Made my hectic day a little refreshing. Thanks! <br />
When she comes back, go treat yourselves to a good Chinese restaurant. Ya gotta love dimsum!

May be it is a good thing that you bought presents about Japan and not China. Surely she could have found all she wanted in Japan (if that was where she was going to) while now you have given her just the idea for her next big holiday!

Its ok, she found it funny <br />
<br />
I am keeping the Japanese fairytale and myths book, it's lovely <br />
<br />
I have just ordered her a dvd on China!

I meant China. Pls don't cry it's the thought that count. Do you have time to return the gifts and get chinese stuff. Or get chinese stuff and then return the japanese stuff so you won't feel rushed.!!!

Just tell your friend you are so excited she is going to Japan and the gifts represent a possible location for a future trip. Thought you might like info on Japan for your next trip. Cute story. She might have wondered why you bought her stuff for a place she is visiting and will prolly bring stuff back.

That made me laugh.... I am sorry for laughing but that right there is funny no matter who you are. Better luck next time in your gift giving. I'd have gone with practical travel gifts to be safe. These things happen to everyone.

When is Tasmin leaving for Japan?

LOL!! That's cute! maybe you will inspire her next trip!


You could explain it's just in case the pilot gets lost.<br />
<br />
I seem to recall a story about paying more attention. Hmmmm

Thank you mewold only I am not laughing. I am staring at my beautifully wrapped with love friend's Japanese prezzies and a big salty disappointed tear is rolling down my face ...<br />
<br />
Oh ok , I can see the funny side ... a bit!

I love this story and I love that you are able to laugh at it. lol<br />
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Thanks folks. H'mm , Yes, I can see my friend dining out on this story for years to come ..<br />
<br />
It is just that I long for a cooler image ;(

awe... right the thought that counts..felt good for the moment! such a thoughtful friend so sweet of u! ~xoxo~Sending U and Ur family wishes for a Merry Holiday season!! and ur loving dog too!My goodness LOL 2010 seems hard to believe! :--)) all U wish comes true!!

Aww maybe a little more sherry and then both of you can laugh...hey if a friend of mine did this I'd love them even more...for the thoughtful gifts and the laughs! :D

She has got a great sense of humour , I just feel mad at myself

Hahahaha...this cracks me up! Yes, it's the thought that counts...even when it's the wrong thought!<br />
I'm sure your friend will love the mix-up.

I dont like these back to front comments!<br />
<br />
I keep changing thingy back and it returns to latest!<br />
<br />
: (

I went to the most chic stores in town !!!!

* Pours herself a large glass of sherry *

Oooh .. thanks Wilmaa <br />
<br />
* unwraps doll to see*

I was all chuffed with myself..now I feel quite deflated <br />
<br />
* Goes to look for the sherry *

Oh no!! Thats kinda funny, but Oh no!!

Thanks Ziggy that is very reassuring!