What Now?

I have been rushing round today buying the last of my prezzies.

I went into the city to get gifts for one of my best friends.

She's taking a trip of a lifetime to Japan in the New Year and is very excited about it.

I bought her lots of little things - all with a Japanese theme.

A Japanese doll and a beautiful book of Japanese fairy tales and myths

I have just been wrapping them and felt that warm cosy glow you get when you know you have bought something a person will just LOVE!

Just been boasting to a mutual friend about all the trouble I have taken

H'mmm .. the friend has reminded me she is going to CHINA!!

Orangetas Orangetas
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40 Responses Dec 23, 2009

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I loved this story! Oh dear, I can so identify with you, I've done similar type things too! X@

bwah ah ha ha ha ha...CHINA!!!<br />
<br />
too funny...its the thought that counts

Lol .. she has never let me forget it!

Ooooooooooops<br />
<br />
Maybe you should send her on a trip to Japan and buy her a whole load of Chinese stuff - should nicely redress the natural order.

Oh dear! ....Ha ha......sounds like the sort of mistake I would make!! :)

Ho! Easy mistake! :)


It's good to re-visit this story. A timely reminder to concentrate when planning what to buy friends for Christmas :)