Airbrushing Makeup On

well i am excited... i got all my airbrush equiptment the other day well last friday, and i have been practicing everyday since....... well i have got the hang of it now ... i did my own face the other day and went 2 the supermarket and the lady that served me told me my makeup looked perfect and what did i use on my face... i told her it was airbrushed on, she loved it.. it made me feel i can do it considering it was the 1st time i had used an airbrush gun.... and i did my mum's makeup last night and she loved it and said it the best her makeup has looked in years.... so i am happy about this as i cant wait 2 do my makeup artistry course in los angeles and become a professional makeup artist... makeup is my passion and i am good at it and enjoy it....just wanted to tell some1.....    

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

congrats. im sure you are very good at this

its not dangerous at all its the latest trend in celebrity makeup, and also there is special makeup to use in the airbrush gun, u can't just use any foundation it has to be airbrush foundation or blushes or anything airbrush, check it out its the best...

That's really that's what makeup artists use, an airbrush? Do they use it just for, like, regular makeup?