Home Can Be a Haven Or a Prison

For so many years now I've lived more "for" my children than for myself.  All of my activites revolve around them.  The older they are getting, and more independant, the emptier my life is becomming.  Particularly this year since my youngest child started school. 

I don't go to bars or places like that, and have no clue how to meet other adults outside of nocturnal hours, lol.  I wouldn't even WANT to meet people in sleazy clubs, ewww.  But there are so few other options around.  When I take my children out, we enjoy each other's company, but sometimes it would be nice to let them run off and play while I sat and chattered away to another "big person",lol.  Often I'm stuck reading a book alone.  Everybody else seems to be married or with partners, or with extended family which I don't have, either.

I don't like having a lot of people around me, I prefer the company of just a couple of close friends.  I know the old cliche "You've got to be friendly to get friends", well I AM a friendly person, but people just don't seem to want to know someone new and welcome them into their circle these days.

Online I have many friends.  They are people that I listen to and who care about what I think on things, too.  But I haven't met most of them and don't know if I ever will.  As a parent, I have to be cautious about who I meet ANYWHERE I go, because any friendships I make affects my children's lives as well.

It would be so nice to go back to the "good old days" when people were friendly, everybody knew and looked out for each other and being alone was something only the grouchy old man at number #72 was... Until some local kids befriended him via their pet dog coming to his yard too often, lol.

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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

It is true, the more people there are around, the easier it is to be lonely. If you want to meet some people in your area, you should look at meetup.com (This is the second time I've recommended the site in the last week, I am beginning to feel like an ad :-P). You may be able to either find or start a group that concentrates on some of your interests. Plus, it's cheaper than finding a class, and designated to be social. Good Luck!