Costume Wedgie

One day me and my friends were all invited to a costume party. I went as a furry. At 7:00 we left for the party. But there was one problem. I CANT SEE! Jack one of the older kids noticed this and ask me to go with them. When i walked in to the room I was yanked into the air. They pulled until my wedgie was atomic. But knowing me with my temper i attacked them! I took the head of my costume and threw it! The head hit him in head with a THUNK. I ran because i thought it was over. They chased me down the stairs i jumped the eailing and hit the ground running...
drago235 drago235
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Are you building for a part 2? Also, what furry animal did you go as?

Wolf. By the way want to be friends? :-)

Nice. And sure. :)