Step Mom Wedgie- Looking For New Under Ware

So my hot step mom took me to a store to get new under ware, the day after she gave me a lot of wedgies in my tighty wighties. If you read my last story you would understand. I was waiting in the clothes room when she brought over 10 pairs of underware that i had to try on. She said but before we do this, i need to see something, face the wall. I did as she said but i shouldve known it was a trick. She gave me a texas wedgie than said, take the tighty wighties off. I laughed a little. I than said i guess im getting wedgies in all of the underware i try. Hey thats a good idea. Why did i bring that up i was thinking. The first pair was these really stretchy underpants. I put them on and she than brought me over to the hook and gave me a hanging wedgie. You really enjoy giving wedgies don't you. Yea there pretty fun to give, especially to you. I dont really like them, but cuz shes my step mom and she's hot, i do what ever she says. She than said, we are definitely buying these, look at how stretchy they are. Do we have to. Yes. She than bought 5 of those and 5 boxer briefs. the 5 stretchy ones for home and the other 5 for school. When we got home, she gave me an option, foot massage or wedgie. I sat on the ground and she sat on the chair. Than she said, my feet arent going to massage themselves. I sighed and gave her a foot massage for an hour. I got up to go to my room and than she said excuse me, did you forget. forget what? Your my footstool. Oh, sorry. I bent down and her feet were on my back again. Finally she told me to stop. I than went to go to my room and she said, if you want to go to your room so bad, why didnt you ask. She brought me up to my room brought me to a hook and told me to turn around. She grabbed my stretchy undies and hung them on the hook. Now you can be in your room. I sighed and said fine, i guess i have to do what you say
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

i would want a stepmom who would wedgie me every second and not stop until they ripped

Me to

I would like to be your step moms slave and be given hanging wedgies from her.