Caught Out Looking

I had been out for a few drinks that evening and needed a pee. Coming across a public convenience I dived in. There was one other man at a urinal right at the end, for some reason I went and used the one right next to him. Looking down I could see that he had a nice sized ****, but for some reason he wasn't peeing, I must have been looking for too long because just as I got mine out he said, "do you like what you see?". Now i had never considered myself gay up to that point but just said "yeah, thats a really nice **** you have". Why did I say that? "would you like to hold it for me?" said the stranger. I just mumbled something thinking I should just finish and get out of there. "Here let me hold yours for you then you can hold mine" and before I could say anything his hand slipped behind mine and wrapped its self around my ****, I was still peeing, I couldn't move and to stop my hand getting wet I lifted it off. He gabbed my hand and placed it on his own cockwhcih felt really warm. To my embarrassment I could feel my **** statring to grow. "See I knew you would like it" said my new freind. I was desparately trying to finish while he moved behind undid my jeans and pulled them down to the floor with my pants. by this time I was rock hard and had stopped peeing, grabed hold Of my **** and with me waddling behind he led me into a cubical got down onto his knees and started giving me a blow job.I had just started to *** when a pair of hands grabbed me from behind, pulled me out of the cubical and through me across the floor. I ended up shooting *** up my shirt down my leg and over the floor. I came to my senses to hear new bloke having a real go at guy who had just blown me telling him he was a cheating git. I gathered that it was his boy friend and he had just caught him cheeting. I quickly pulled up my jeans and got out of there. I have often revisited the convenience but nothing like that has ever happened since
DDFlasher DDFlasher
May 31, 2011