It Helps, It Really Does

Ok, diet-wise getting chip faced isn't the best thing you can do but it helps soothe the soul and provides comfort on a level that you can't find elsewhere.  Chip faced for me always means chocolate and peanut butter ice cream and chocolate chip cookies from Nestle.  I either buy a tube or the little squares and eat a bit of cookie dough and bake the rest of them as cookies.

I make a big bowl of ice cream and go to town...  relish in the guilty please and give the finger to the world/person/place/object/life/job/boss/friend/etc that has aligned the universe against me to put me in the funk I find myself in.

After I'm stuffed I feel a bit comforted and bloated and get some sleep.  The next day a feel better and more able to deal with whatever funked my world.

PHSensei PHSensei
36-40, M
Feb 16, 2009