Having My Giant Breasts Groped On The London Metro

I was on The London Metro on my way to College Of Science & Technology to study Science like I normally do, But today I had one guy on the The seat who couldn't stop taking a peek at my Giant boobs which was making me slightly nervous which made my nipples go hard and he saw them through my red dress so he couldn't stop staring at them, At the next stop he got off and I thought he was gone for good.

But what he did was he sneaked behind me and got right up behind me so he could Grope my boobs and when he did he found out that I wasn't wearing my Bra so he got a ***** and felt it rub my vagina which was making me wet, He got his other hand and started to grab my *** and started to slap it and with his other hand squeezing my boobs and he put his hand up the front of my dress and pulled on my hard nipples.

I turned around to meet my Groping Friend face to face and he kissed me!
When he stop snogging me I saw he was about my age and I asked him where is he getting off at?
He replied "The London College Of Science & Technology" So I grabbed his Hard **** and snogged him again and the train came to a halt at our stop so we stop touching each other and left for The College and he asked my name And told him and he said his and he looked down and saw my hard nipples and pinched them which made me groan.

This is when I first got groped and I wanted to Be Groped for the rest of my life
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4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

this is a really hot story

i would love to grope ladies on public transport/places....it makes me horny too....

would love to massage you sitting on your *** with my wet **** on your ***...& massaging your back...ummm

I hope you wrote a follow-up. A hot story like that needs a sequel.

Thanks, I'm glad to know that and I will look forward to reading it.

after reading ur story i want u to suck my **** right now