Groped And Fondled By Perverts

Last July, I had a very odd,embaressing thing happen to me.  I was at the movies alone, first problem,  and I was wearing a tanktop, blouse and cardigan. There was a few people in the theater, one guy came and sat by me.. He older looking, and he sat right next to me. He kept putting his elbow on the armrest, then I just moved mine off and slowy he started putting his elbow on my breasts, rubbing them, I didn't immidiatly stop him because I didn't think much of it I guess.  Then he put his hands over my shirt and started fondling my breasts over my shirt.  I didn't think anyone else in the theater saw.  Then about 15 minutes later, after he rubbed outside of my shirt and bra, he unbuttoned my cardigan and pulled my shirt up, over my breasts, then fondled my breasts over the bra, then he pulled my bra up over my breasts, at that point I was too embaressed to get up.  Then he was rubbing and fondling my nipples 20 minutes or so.  My breasts are about a C cup, but I have very pink, puffy areolas and I was really embaressed and shy about anyone seeing them and he played with them for a long time, which made me feel a lot better. 

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What movie theatre do u go to?

great. i would enjoy having that done to me. i would enjoy letting a man fondle my breasts,pulling both my top & bra up exposing my big breasts while groping them. after he was done groping my breasts i would leave my big breasts exposed to let everyone to grope them.

amazing experience. wish it was me next to you that day.thanks for sharing

i,ve been groped by strangers too, but it's in the train not in the cinema.

What was the movie?

i love it when that happens

hi. indeed each and every guy would love to carress those nice ****... me, il even kiss and lick it gently...;)

iam sure because he saw such paradise next to him so he can not control himself . answer me pls what did you felt during that time ?

That happened to me often when I was a teen. I was confused by the experience. I iked it, made me wet ad hot as a young teen, but at the same timeI knew good girls don't let that happen to them. If they do they are called *****. As I got older I found out that it's ok to like different experences...if you go along welling with them

if only I knew who would be ok with it, I would love to try that with a stranger.

oh interesting i love playing with breast like that

I actually love being groped like that and it has happened a few times.

May I?

He's got a brass set...

yes i´ll ask u here ? but if u like i´ll contact u at ur email .May i rub ur breasts also ;-)

well seeing ur profile pic I could understand why he would do that but if u did nothing i think there was alittle fascination on ur part and it probably turned u on also or u would have done something to stop it

Please let me know when and where the next time you are going to the movies alone!

if anyone has any questions, you can email me at