Relationship Advice Needed

my ex and i of 4 and a hlf yrs broke up 8 mnths ago he went with this girl who he fell really hard for and he hurt her unintentionally and she broke up with him in which he came back to me regretting he had left me but he has another ex who has been there for him as much as i have been and he also likes her alot but she was there for him when he and i broke up bt he left her and went with the other grl. nw he has come back to me and we were good everytime he felt depressed i would be there with him guiding him helping him to recover he claimed he wanted to be single for a while and i respected last weekend we had a blast together where we even end up sleeping together and then two days after we had an argument because things i would do 4 him other ppl would get the credit and i felt used. the day we had the argument he went out with his ex and the evening i saw that they were back in a relationship. i felt really stupid knowing we were so good the day before i didnt even get a heads up, it hot me really hard and so i told him to leave me alone because i was trying to prevent this and i always told him if he knows he's going into a relationship let me know and up to this day he aint tell me anyting. he jus kept posting stats and pics of he and the girl on bbm maybe to make me jealous and then i deleted him and as soon as i deleted him he stopped putting up the grl pic and stats about her but why though. even last week he kept texting the other grl asking to be frens with her an she told him no and he took this really hard. he's always going from 1 relationship to another he dont allow himself to be single............what should i do im really hurt
shanna31 shanna31
May 10, 2012