Nude At The Site Visit

When I was getting my masters degree for architecture I worked for a small firm that consisted of a guy in his 50's who was the principal of the firm and a younger woman, Katie that was 28. The 3 of us went to a site visit together to a new house getting an addition to it that happened to be next to a large lake and the owner happened to be a good friend of the principal. The site visit went as normal and after the owner asked us if we wanted to go for a swim. Apparently the principal and Katie knew about this and had forgotten to tell me.
I waited as they changed in the bathrooms and I walked down to the dock with them, expecting to just watch them as I sat in my dress clothes. Both of them along with the owner jumped in and swam for about 10 minutes before the owner suggested that I ***** naked and jump in with them. Surprised I shrugged it off like it was a joke and said I was "all set" but the owner and then the principal insisted I do so. I said it was ok and I was fine but then Katie jumped out of the water and ran towards me and gave me a bear hug. I never really looked at her in any sort of sexual way but as she was running towards me I noticed that her breasts were large, atleast a C and that she had a great body and she bear hugged me. She then pulled down my pants and boxers with one pull. Then against my resistance pulled off my button up and tossed it in the water. she then took my phone and wallet out of my pants and threw in both my pants and boxers in the water as well. I was left standing there stark naked, holding my junk.
I caved and jumped in the water and swam, embarrassingly. After everyone got out we went to the car and drove back, so my clothes were still soaked and were thrown in the back of the small SUV. I obviously didnt have a change of clothes and no one offered any so I had to sit on the ride back completely naked in the passenger seat infront of my boss and Katie. They poked fun at my nudity the whole hour ride back and I felt that every mack truck we passed they could see my ****.
Following that site visit the principal brought it up every once in a while and Katie decided that it was ok to surprise ***** me every once in a while and leave me sitting at my desk naked for the rest of the day. The principal's office was out of a renovated house next to his own so it wasnt like we were in an office building. I never thought it would ever be ok to be naked infront of these people in a business like this but the principal was completely ok with it.
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are you hiring?

And so you learned to be comfortable naked in the office, no matter who came in. Great story! Thanks.